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*SIGH* Been busy yet again!

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Hi everyone!

Hello new members!

Sorry I disappeared for a while. I'm regretting it becuase I even missed the special kitten forum!

First off, we moved out of our place for three days as we couldn't put up with our housemate's rudeness and blatant disregard of our feelings. He had his girlfriend staying for the weekend which was agreed upon by everyone but we didn't even get an introduction. Rather than have the guest caught in the crossfire we left and opened fire after she went back home. Things have been sorted out and by an act of mercy we decided not to evict him.

Secondly, I have been involved in intensive training at work in relation to loading and unloading planes, marshalling them in, (you know stand on the tarmac with batons signalling to the pilot "Park Here BUT DO NOT RUN ME OVER!!") and driving the buggies around, pushing the stairs to the plane, taking them away, learning what all the numbers mean, having yet more training about debris on the tarmac. And by the end of it I am pooped. I literally fall asleep after dinner. And in between shifts, like right now I may have the energy to do something. Luckily today it's TCS!! YAY!!!

Thirdly, we picked up the new kitten on Tuesday, so that makes it two nights ago. Introductions went smoothly. Russell has been the first to accept the new little one. Esper has accepted him though the odd bout of posturing still happens. But all is good and we both trust them to interact unsupervised. I sprayed Feliway on all scratching materials and bedding. And a couple of drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy to the drinking water. Vanilla essence trick and voila! I can collapse into oblivion at night without stressing about them.

Fourthly, I have deciphered my digital camera. I am in love with it. Next step is Imagestation. Anyone with a foolproof plan, please PM it to me or just pop an email along to just in case if I don't get things sorted.

Oh...details about the new kitten! How could I forget! Well he has blue eyes!! They're so GORGEOUS!! He's definitely not deaf. He has grey tabby markings on his tail. His ears are tipped with grey. On the top of his head are some cream tabby like markings. And may I mention that he is a bundle of untapped energy. I didn't get any sleep the first night. I became a giant bouncy castle. I evicted him from the bedroom in disgust. My fiancee woke up and said sleepily and grumpily, "What did you do that for?" I apparently said that "Russell never treated me like a bouncy castle. He only sounded like an engine purring away, (referring to the first night I ever had Russell, and that too was sleepless)."

I think that's all for now.
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Hey Mags, I am glad to see that you are alive and kicking and that you are well!

I hope that this is the start of more visits!
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Hey, welcome back!
Glad you had time to drop in after all that's been happening to you. Congratulations on the new kitten! He sounds so awesome handsome and cute! He and the others will get along fine for sure.
BTW, did the "bouncy castle" incident been repeated? That was so funny!
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Hi Mags! Good to see you again, Congrats on the new kitty!!!
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Oooh and forgot to ask what's your kittens name?
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Well, no name just yet.

I've said Frank so far because of his blue eyes. I think it was Frank Sinatra who was called Old Blue Eyes. But I could be wrong.

My fiancee wants to call him Menchi.

Bouncy castle has not been repeated yet. Though he has been the only one to attempt sleeping on my pillow. For that, he was evicted from the bed. And he also muched on my hair. This despite the fact that it smells like a fruit salad after I shampoo and condition it. (I use Garnier Fructis)
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Glad you're back! Can't wait to see pics of the new bundle of joy
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Sorry things were still so eventful for you (and not in a nice way!). Glad you could find time to update us, it's great hearing from you.

Ditto, can't wait to see the new kitty. LOL, Pixie STILL uses us as a giant bouncey when we sleep. She does this wonderful fully airborne LEAP from place to place (toes to stomach to head). Gee, doesn't scare the @#$$ out of us at all.
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Frank is a cute name, I love the nickname Frankie it's so cute!!!!

What does Menchi mean?
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Welcome back. Can't wait to see your new kitten!!
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Menchi is the name of a dog that looks like a cat in an anime series, (Japanese cartoon series), called Excel Saga. She is the emergency food supply of a secret wacky organisation that wants to take over the world. But a very much loved dog though!

So far I have had zero time to visit Imagestation. And I'm about to head to bed!
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I felt really guilty about not visiting imagestation so I went over before bed and joined up.

I'm a member now.

So tomorrow I have to hook up the camera pick three photos one of each furball. Download it to the laptop, then uplaod it to imagestation. Then show them off in Fur Pictures! I have two hours to do this. Should be a piece of cake!!! I hope!!
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Well I now have over 60 photos of my kitties on my computer.

I don't have any photo editting software of any kind to resize them to attach to TCS and I'm in the process of uploading them to Imagestation.

So hopefully I can figure out remote linking them to TCS.

And so far, it hasn't been a piece of cake.
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Hi Mags, you could try and make an album with imagestation to display your pictures like I did today?, they are real easy to make and then anyone can visit them anytime and imagestation wont get snitchy about remote linking(which i'm guessing they have now ended??), I can't wait to see your furbabies. If you're online now I could jump on MSN and try and help you, but MSN's playing up at the mo. Good luck.

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Okay....I've made three albums on Imagestation!!

They need editting but my furbubbies are on the internet at last!!!

Just gotta figure out how other people can see the albums now.
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One way is to post the link to the albums. Just a suggestion. *sits and waits for the photos* I sure hope that there is aphoto of you!
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OMG! Sam I never knew you had a greman shepard!!

Nor even Jazz!

And how do I link to the photos?????
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Hmmm I think I figured out the linking part...

Here goes.......

Russell's Album

Esper's Album

Kitten's Album

Hope this works!

*crosses fingers*
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Only down side is that you have to be a member of Imagestation to see them.
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They won't let me look if I am not a member!
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Working on that one right now.

Trying to figure out the linky thing that other members do here.
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picture 058 of the kitten - is he sleeping or playing? LOL! You should send that one to Anne for Caption This!
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He was sleeping at the time. I just couldn't believe the position he was in.

Kitten picture I hope
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He is so pretty
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I can at least provide links to the photos!!

Over to Fur Pictures I actual photos but there's gonna be links!!!!

Oh...he's in my laundry basket. I don't know how he got in considering it's at least four times his height.
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