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Show off your babies!

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This is just so we can all look at each others fur babies at the same time, because I am sure our cats will punish us if we don't show them off.

Here is one of mine, his name is Neko and is 2 months old in this picture..I had to put him first since he is sitting on my keyboard and mouse!
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awww so adorable!
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Niko is adorible

Here's my babies first up's Tiger in his favorite sleeping spot even tho he's a bit big for it hehe

Next is Butterfly, she always sits like this and watches tv with me it's one of her cute cuddly things...hehe (sorry if it's huge)

This is Sqweekers in his "I'm a good boy pose" he usually gives it to me right after he's distroyed something hehe

This is Face he is offically our camera hog, everytime i bring out the camera he jumps up and gets in my face hehe

This is our little babygirl weighing in at 3lbs even, she's also the alpha kitty of our group...she don't take no crap

and finally big boi...he's our blue russian rescue, they told me when i adopted him he was a bit bad tempered...i've never seen that temper and i've had him two and half years ....he's my baby

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Oh my goodness - what gorgeous kitties!! Neko is SO cute!! Kym, those pictures are precious...you've really captured their purrsonalities in those photos.

OK, here are a couple of mine. (OK, so I'm sure I've posted these before, but you can't blame a Mommy for showing off!)

Here's Ophelia, our little Princess:

And here's my Baby Boy, Trent.

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Many of us have tons of pictures of our babies posted around here in various threads! Some of my latest ones are here:
More Cute Persian Pics!
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All of them are so cute, and I saw your persians, they are GORGEOUS!
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OMG They're all sssso cute!!

I Butterfly!

I Neko!
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I love Nekos ears! He's too adorable!
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