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Craig and Kramer

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Here are pictures of Craig and of his cat Kramer. Kramer lives in Oregon with Craig's parents because Kramer is an outside cat.. and Craig didn't want to bring him to city.
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This is his Kramer
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Dear Cassie & Craig...:angel2:

Kramer is absolutely outstanding!!!!!! How gorgeous!: He's stunning actually...Wow, he an outside kitty too. he keeps himself extremely well groomed. Must be a fussy little fella Is he a finicky eater or is he like my babes? Munch mouths...that's what I call them...they love to eat and play...so, I know that they're burning off their extra calories.. Gotta love 'em!

Thanks for posting that Cassie! Craig he is gorgeous!

this little guy reminds me of gizmo! hahaha
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Okay,I'll ask my usual question...does he have:

a brother, cousin, divorced/widowed father, uncle, friend???

He's gorgeous! I love Kramer. He's beautiful. I'll be Craig misses him.

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Dear Cass & Craig....:angel2:'s

Sorry about that, but I didn't even say a word about your good lookin guy! Well, that should take care of that! :laughing2:laughing2.....

How about one with each other...I know I've seen one on here, but that was some time ago....post another will you?

Love ya's
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what a beautiful creature! and Kramer isn't bad either :laughing: :laughing:
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LOL! Thanks guys.. I'm very lucky to have him. Why he would be attracted to a thing like me is a mystery in itself.. and I ask myself that everyday!

Kramer is goregeous. His parents have a cat door for him.. so he can go in and out freely but he loves it outside.

Donna.. actually Craig's father is divorced!
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Cassie; Craig IS a HUNK, but he is also very lucky to have you and if you put yourself down again; I will personally come to CA. and slap you. I am sure that Craig would be happy to come on and post all the reasons he is blessed to have you by his side!!!! Kramer is cute
also. . . .

Seriously, the two of you make a lovely couple. I am happy you have joined us here at The Cat Site. Your "positive, ingenue outlook" is a breath of FRESH AIR. Good luck with the move this weekend. . . . . .

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Colby....I was just getting ready to make a post just like yours! But you beat me to it!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Cassie, your Craig is VERY sexy, and the cat is not bad either!!!!

And I agree with Darlene.....STOP putting yourself down, or you will have ALL of us on your doorstep, trying to slap a little sense into you!

YOU are very BEAUTIFUL, my new friend, and DON't you forget it!!!!
Craig is very attractive, but so are you....and he is lucky to have you.....not only are you beautiful (and I mean that) but you have a beautiful heart to match! Don't sell yourself short!!!!!! You need to have a higher opinion of yourself, and trust me, this is spoken from a person who belittled and criticsized herself for years, till I realized I didn't give a crap what anyone but myself, my hubby and my friends thought about me, and if they didn't like the way I looked, they weren't worth my time!

Real friends, love you for yourself, as does a true love!
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Dear Cassie :angel2:

Ditto on what Debby said, because I really think you're a beautiful woman, Craig is very handsome, but trust me, he sees your beauty inside and out! Not to mention, so does this whole site...please look at yourself in a positive manner. We think you're a spectacular girl.

Love, Peace &

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Very well said, Cat....no wonder you are my big sis! We think alike!!!
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