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Increased Appetite Post Spay?

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Patches is a week post op from her spay weve noticed she is hungry alot examples shes following us when ever we have food she jumping up on the kids table trying to steal their hot dogs etc this is new she wasnt like this prior to the operation is this food increase because she needs the energy to heal do you think? shes been dewormed shes had more bloodwork and test than I can shake a stick at , we go back to the vet Monday but I was wondering if any of you noticed a hunger increase post op.

We feed her 1/4 of a can 2X Per day of wet and 1/3 of a cup of dry 2X per day which she doesnt eat all of theres usually a "coating" of dry on the bottom of the dish when the day is over.
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Hey my cat India had an increased appitite as well starting right after she got spayed. It seemed like she ate anything and everything I gave her (even sometimes I pulled a foot of yarn from her throat cuz she would eat anything long and soft like thread or yarn or paper). She got a little chubby too over a short period of time. She was the new cat with 2 others that had food available all the time and she ate all day. It took her about 5 months before she stopped this eating habit. Now, she is still a little chubby but she only eats her own food and doesn't eat too often. She won't even look twice when it comes to treats of any kind. I have just been trying to get her to play more to lose some weight but she is just the laziest cat I have ever seen. She sleeps all day!
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Esper didn't and still doesn't have an increased appetite after her operation. (She could be the exception.)

I do recall that during recovery she didn't eat much at all and she had to be enticed to eat. After she recovered, she hasn't eaten any extra. There will be days when she is hungrier and wants more than her usual amount. But apart from that she's quite happy.
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I don't think ours ate more post op, she just has always eaten a lot since she had panluek. as a kitten. I thought her appetite would slow down once she was spayed and fully grown, but it hasn't. She is pretty active, so that must keep her appetite up.
If your cat is still young, she may just be growing a lot and needing extra food.
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