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Anyone love their bread maker?

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I am looking to buy a bread machine, but there are just so many! Anybody have one that they love? What kind/model? Thanks!
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I love mine but its old try going to eopinions.com they rate things like bread machines along with a list of stores that have it and their prices
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Mine's a Proctor Sillex and I love it (a bit too much)

I had to stop making bread. I have no control over myself when I smell fresh bread.

However, if I can give any advice, get one that makes square loafs. Mine make round one's and that is the only thing that annoys me about mine.
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Mmm bread, it's going to be one of the first things I buy when I move out of here. I love home made bread, Nana has one(she hasn't used it once) but all my friends mums make home made bread and it's good!!!!
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I would love my bread maker..... If I had one!
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We have one and it is great, someone gave it to us.. All I know that the brand is Oster..thats all it says. But if you get one make cinnamon bread, it is soooo good!
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I like our bread machine but everyghitn I cook just tastes like flour. Even tried making the bread by hand, same result. Bummer.

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I used to sell Breadmakers.

I wish I owned one. I LOVE fresh bread.

There's plenty of features on them.

Like do you want a fruit and nut dispenser built in? It adds them when the time is ready and saves you opening the lid and adding them

Loaf size choice.

Timer...timed so you can smell fresh bread waiting for you in the kitchen...mmmm...

Options to mix cake mixes, pizza, muffins, scones etc but these are pretty much standard.

I noticed one the other day that had a claim that the viewing window never misted up. That one I find hard to believe.

Best thing to do is do some searching on the internet for the latest information and prices.
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I have one but I dont know what make it is I'm afraid. Only a cheap one but it is great. (When I remember I have got it!) I dont think I would advise spending a fortune on one, and they can run out expensive, unless you intend to use it full time.
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I had one that I finally wore out. I am not sure what brand it was. I didn't buy but 1 loaf of bread in about 5 years. I want another one, but have not gotten around to getting one yet. I would be interested to know what you find out in looking around, though.
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I love ours, don't know what brand it is though. I just wish I would remember to use it more often.
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