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I got this today in my email :

Through the combined efforts of the Christian County Humane Society and Christian County Animal Shelter in Hopkinsville KY, 41 small dogs and 14 cats were removed from one single residence this weekend. Obviously, the condition of the home was deplorable. All dogs have been placed into rescues, but only one cat has been rescued. One cat, the seal point himalayan mix, may be rescued on Thursday the 5th.
There are 13 remaining cats (two are kittens) at the shelter. The humane society has no space nor funds available for veterinary care of these cats. The shelter is using their isolation room for the temporary housing of these cats. These cats are listed on the Humane Society Petfinder site at
We are needing rescues for these cats or donations of funds for their veterinary care. Some of the cats have obviously suffered from upper respiratory. Ear mites are present. Coats are not in the best condition but better than anticipated. All are adjusting well to the cages at the shelter. There were no litter boxes in the residence but all cats are using their litterboxes at the shelter. Shelter director has been treating the two kittens with albon for several days. We have had one cat checked for FIV/FELV and this test was negative.
Any and all help is appreciated. Please crosspost this message to anyone you feel may be able to offer a home for one of these felines.
If you can help, please email me at ama50 (remove spaces). Any monetary donations are appreciated and can be sent to:
Christian County Humane Society
P O Box 1233
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

I am personally taking two of the cats into my home as soon as possible to free up shelter space.
Thank you for any help or ideas.

Molly Clark
Christian County Humane Society

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