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not using the litter box

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I have three male cats, I have started having trouble with one of them not using the litter box for stool. He does it on the floor right next to the box. It used to be occasionally, now it is daily.
He uses the box for urine. I work and clean the box twice a day of stool. I just bought some of those new crystals to add to the litter, less smell but he still will not use the box. The best is I am not really sure which of the three it is. I had two cats, I have been having a "guest" since January. He was a street cat, none go outside now. I think it is the street cat because neither of my cats exhibited that type of behavior before he came in. The are all young, the oldest is only 2 years old. Any suggestions?
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The first thing I would try is to add at least one more box. You can try putting them together or you can find another spot for a new one. You can also try a bigger box. Sometimes they will poop outside the box because there's not enough room for them to bury it properly. These are the 2 most common reasons for going right beside the box.
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It sounds like your cat need to be confined until he gets the idea. I have a kitten who did the same thing. You'll only have to confine him for about 24 hours. Put him, the litterbox and food in a room (spare room, bathroom) with some toys. It doesn't take them long to figure it out. It could very well be because he was an outdoor cat and the world was his litterbox.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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I would agree with Donna if it was a kitten, as hers had a problem finding the box and I told her to isolate him and confine him in a smaller space. But your cat is an adult and he knows he is supposed to be using the litter box as evidenced in going right outside it. He may not like the litter - I suggest three or four litter boxes - one with clay, one with clumping, one with Feline Pine and one with Yesterdays News. Also, try one hooded litter box because if the cat will use it, he can't go outside the box. Good luck.
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I had a cat who would do this because she was just too big for a regular box. Once I found an extra large box (you could even try the boxes used to litter train dogs or a rubbermaid storage container) she never had these accidents again!

Good luck!
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