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Calories burned during activities

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I thought this was very interesting and thought I'd share it! The good news is I can burn more calories sleeping then sitting and watching TV!

How many calories do common exercise and daily activities burn?

Sedentary Activities Energy Costs in Cals/Hour*
Lying down or sleeping - 90
Sitting quietly - 84
Sitting and writing, card playing, etc. - 114

Moderate Activities (150-350 cal/hr)
Bicycling (5 mph) - 174
Bicycling (6 mph) - 240
Canoeing (2.5 mph) - 174
Dancing (Ballroom) - 210
Gardening - 323
Golf (twosome, carrying clubs) - 324
Horseback riding (sitting to trot) - 246
Light housework, cleaning, etc - 246
Swimming (crawl, 20 yards/min) - 288
Swimming (25 yds/min) - 275
Tennis (recreational doubles) - 312
Volleyball (recreational) - 264
Walking (2 mph) - 198 to 240
Walking (3 mph) - 320
Walking (4 1/2 mph) - 440

Vigorous Activities (over 350 cal/hr)
Aerobic dancing - 546
Basketball (recreational) - 450
Bicycling (12 mph) - 410
Bicycling (13 mph) - 612
Circuit weight training - 756
Cross-country skiing (5 mph) - 690
Football (touch, vigorous) - 498
Ice skating (9 mph) - 384
Jogging (10 minute mile, 6 mph) - 654
Jogging (5 1/2 mph) - 740
Jogging (7 mph) - 920
Jumping rope - 750
Racquetball - 588
Roller skating (9 mph) - 384
Running in place - 650
Running (10 mph) - 1280
Scrubbing floors - 440
Swimming (50 yds/min) - 500
Swimming (crawl, 45 yards/min) - 522
Tennis (recreational singles) - 450

*Hourly estimates based on values calculated for calories burned per minute for a 150 pound (68 kg) person. The calories spent in a particular activity vary in proportion to one's body weight. For example, a 1 00-pound person burns 1/3 fewer calories, so you would multiply the number of calories by 0.7. For a 200-pound person, multiply by 1.3.

Working harder or faster for a given activity will only slightly increase the calories spent. A better way to burn up more calories is to increase the time spent on your activity.
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interesting! Thanks for posting that. I bet those involved in the weight loss support thread will enjoy it!
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WOW! That's a lot of new information. Thanks!
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Originally posted by kateang
WOW! That's a lot of new information. Thanks!
Yeah I know! Did you see how many calories you can burn scrubbing the floor? Gives me new incentive!
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I like the part where it says you burn more calories not by working harder but by spending more time at it. So that means if I'm sitting infront of the computer for 5 hours, it will be almost the same as 1 hour of aerobics! Yay!
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I like the way you think! Not sure it's what they intended though. But I still like it!
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Haha! *sits at computer desk, whilst burning those calories*

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I' worn out just reading all of it!!
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This calorie counter is fairly good, you have to input your age, sex, height, weight in pounds, the amount of time you exercise and the type of exercise and it calculates how many calories you are burning.

After inputing my info, Bicycling 16-19MPH for roughly 90 minutes the counter insists I'm burning 1,723 calories......... I'm not sure I believe that.

The home page also has calculators for working out how long you will take to lose weight and a nutrition calculator. It's worth a look if only for a giggle
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Yeah, I'm am inclined not to believe that is accurate either. I found that link to this chart on the diabetes page and if you look at the bottom, it says if you work harder or faster, it only slightly increases calories burned and that the trick is doing the activity for a longer period of time.
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