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missing girl info: Carlie

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Thought you could go to this website and read about the Sarasota, Florida, USA case about a missing 11 year girl under investigation right now. Her family has made requests for any tips regarding her disappearance, and her mom made a public plea, clutching what looked to be a Siamese cat, asking for her safe return.
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That is very scary!!! She is only a couple years younger than me...
That is why my mom picks me up from school and I never roam the streets.
Hopefully that girl is safe and alive and will return home soon. I will be thinking about her...
If you get any updates, please keep us posted!
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Yes it is very scary indeed!! Any children or parents out there, never let your child, (especially junior high or younger and female)let them walk during nighttime alone.
Those words my mom told me when I was little...never talk to a stranger, or if one confronts you never give in, run to the nearest person/adult or house/business.
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I just heard on the news that they found the guy that they suspect took her, if this is the right one, but still no sign of her , I hope she is all right..
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My thoughts and prayers go to the girl, I hope that those who live in Florida will take heed of that info.

As for the not going out, I have never had problems, all the times I have been outside alone, but then again I am a Tae Kwon Do black belt, so that doesn't mean that everyone else should not had some caution while outside in a city.
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A lot of times it's a certain personality type they look for; the quiet, shy ones that don't stand out.
I've had 2 or 3 encounters with those creeps and it's no fun and you never forget it. The first was when I was around 8 and the 2nd was around 22 or 23 and the third was a doctor, when in my mid to upper 20s.
I hope and pray they find this girl safe and sound and my prayers go out to her family too. What a nighmare to go through.
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I remeber, in 5th grade we watched a video and talked about what to do if someone tries to kidnap you. I can't imagine being taken by someone I don't know and being somewhere overnight without seeing my family.
I really hope that Carlie will return home to her parents and will never have to go through anything like that again.
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How scary for a little girl to be kidnapped.
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That is so scary. I am in NO way saying that the girl did anything wrong, but I wonder why she did not appear to try to get away. It was such a public area that there were video cameras, surely there was someone she could have called out to for help. I hope no one just ignored her. I wonder what he must have threatened her with to get her to not try to fight. I am used to being around "scary" looking guys, but the guy they have in custody was even scary looking to me.
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I wondered the same thing to , but After looking at the video over and over you can see she is leaning back her body language says she didnt want to go and my husband pointed something out to me we dont know what he said to her maybe she was afraid not to go with him.
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At a news conference, about an hour ago, the police announced that they have found Carli's body. The man in custody has been charged with murder.

It is too soon, to have any details and they have asked the press to respect the family's privacy and to stay out of the way of the crime-scene investigators.

The man in question, has been arrested a least 13 times, in the past few years and has done some time, for drug possession and other crimes. He has 3 daughters, under age 6.

He recently violated his probation and his PO didn't send him back to jail because "he was really trying". If he IS the perpetrator, of this horrific crime, that PO bears some responsibility.
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SARASOTA, Florida (CNN) -- A suspect has been charged in the kidnapping and death of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia, whose body has been found, Sarasota County Sheriff Bill Balkwill said Friday.

The suspect, Joseph Smith, was jailed Tuesday on unrelated drug and probation violation charges.

A surveillance video camera caught the girl's abduction Sunday behind a car wash, and her disappearance has received national media attention. Her remains were found behind a church near Interstate 75 in the Sarasota area, law enforcement sources said.

The Brucia family has been notified, authorities said.

"Our sympathy goes out to the entire family of Carlie," Balkwill said tearfully.

Late Thursday, Carlie's stepfather, Steve Kansler, said he had been told that DNA evidence had been found in a 1992 Buick Century station wagon believed to have been used in the kidnapping. Kansler said he did not know the specifics of the evidence.

Investigators impounded the station wagon Wednesday. Balkwill urged those in the area to try to remember whether they had seen the vehicle between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday.

Police subsequently arrested Smith based on a tip from his housemate.

Authorities said Thursday that Smith was not cooperating with the investigation.

Balkwill said there have been more than 750 leads in the case.

In the videotape, recorded just after 6:20 p.m. ET Sunday, a white man in some kind of a work uniform is seen approaching Carlie. He briefly speaks to her as she hesitates, then takes her by the forearm and leads her away.

The man in the video has tattoos on his forearms.

NASA experts and those at the FBI's lab in Washington worked to enhance the videotape to get a clearer image of the man's face, tattoos and apparent name tag on his shirt.

The images have been enhanced and are in Sarasota. Balkwill said the images will be released to the public soon.

Authorities searched Smith's home and a field behind it Wednesday and found nothing immediately linking him to the girl's disappearance, a law enforcement source involved in the investigation said.

Forensic examinations are being conducted on certain items taken in the search, the source said.

The public defender's office said Smith's two attorneys had no comment on the case.

Carlie Brucia's mother, Susan Schorpen, had pleaded for her daughter's return.
Smith's criminal record in the area dates to 1993, when he was convicted of aggravated battery and sentenced to probation.

In November 1997, Smith was arrested on a charge of kidnapping and false imprisonment in neighboring Manatee County. He was acquitted of those charges a year later.

According to records from the Manatee County Sheriff's Department, a woman accused Smith of grabbing her as she was walking along a street and threatening to "cut her if she failed to remain quiet."

A passing vehicle stopped and intervened, allowing her to flee, records said.

The records also said Smith told authorities "he had been in an altercation earlier" that evening "and wanted somebody to walk with."

A few months before, Smith was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon -- a knife, according to his arrest record from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Authorities have charged Joseph Smith. 37, in the girl's kidnapping and death.
Smith has faced numerous drug charges. In 2001, he was convicted of heroin possession, possession of controlled substances and attempting to obtain controlled substances by fraudulent means. He served a little more than a year in prison. He was on probation when he was arrested Tuesday.

A woman who lives with him said she has known Smith and his ex-wife as well as their three children for many years. She would not say how long he has been living with her.

"He never knew the dark side of anybody," she said.

Smith's neighbor, Ron Thompson, said he was shocked to hear of his arrest.

"[He] has three beautiful little girls," Thompson said. "And he just adored them. And he played with them. And he took good care of them. It's just a different picture than what we see today."

CNN's Susan Candiotti, Patrick Oppmann, Rich Philips and John Zarrella contributed to this report

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This man has three daughters?????? WHY on earth would he kill this lovely young girl?

That really saddens me. If the probation officer had done his job, then maybe this girl would still be alive
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I saw the vidoe tape abduction - why did she not struggle? This is so sad - I cried!
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That's so sad, I was hoping they'd find her safe and sound.

adymarie - The same question was asked in the thread in the cat lounge.

Dana said - After looking at the video over and over you can see she is leaning back her body language says she didnt want to go and my husband pointed something out to me we dont know what he said to her maybe she was afraid not to go with him.
This makes alot of sense but I guess we'll never know.
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she was probably to scared to resist
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That's terrible!
I don't understand why someone would want to kill an innocent little girl.
I would think that he would ask money for her or something, but not kill her right away.
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I have merged the 2 threads and placed it here.
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I heard a news report yesterday that they think that he may have threatened her with something he had in his pocket; in the video, it does look like he puts his hand in his right front pants pocket.

Fox's website is reporting a somewhat different version of the parole violation. According to them, a parole officer had asked a judge to deem the guy in violation of his parole, because he had not paid various fines/fee that were related to that conviction, but the judge did not agree to do so. They mention a specific judge by name, which leads me to think that they must have checked the story to some degree.
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my thoughts and prayers are with Charlie's family
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How sad and tragic.

My prayers are with the family.
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This is really sad...I pray for her, her family and especially for the man that has done this to her...
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