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Affectionate, questionable nicknames

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I had to laugh at MA calling her horse Racer, Twit Nose. Come clean all, we all have affectionate names for our babies that others might find pretty questionable. Tell us their nick and how you came about it. Keep it clean!!

Here are some of my more interesting nicknames:

Bogart is my "Booger Boy" (he has been snotty since a life-threatening URI at 8 weeks old).

Scarlett has a nickname of a porn star (cause she rolls on her back and really stretches out her legs for tummy rubs).

Ellie Mae was "The Smell" (my OTB dog, who's favorite pastime was getting into cow pastures and rolling in dung).

Jethro was "hey, Doofus Head!" (my OTB dog, loyal as the day is long, but wasn't the brightest kid in the house)

My puppies simply think their nicknames are "NO" right now. LOL
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When Zoey lays on her back with all her paws just out we call her "Hooker Boo"

Saki is "Onion Beans" LOL dont ask.. his breath reminds me of onions and beans is one of his nicknames (thanks to rfox ) cuz his pawpads look like boston baked beans
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One day Ivo's head smelled like peanut butter, so I started calling her "peanut butter head". That kinda changed to "peanut brain". Also, I sometimes call her "Stinky".
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my hubby's cousin calls CC "feces", "peepee" and "chee chee". dog is "frog" and muffin is "pumpkinhead"
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one dog is called "radar ears" he is a german sheperd and his ears are twice the size they should be.
another dog is "dufus" when he was a puppy he laid on the top of a hill and rolled down it into the gutter.
All our cats though just have their names or different forms of it (ie scooter= scooter patooter) Although Doku is called smelly girl because she seems to enjoy farting...
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I will sometimes call Tibby "stinky butt".. because well, sometimes it stinks! Corkscrew I call Corky Porky because he's such a big kitty.
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Rowdy is referred to as "Brat", for obvious reasons.

Opie is known as "Your Majesty", for his dignified attitude.

Buddy has been tagged "Slug", by Bill, due to his indolence.

Bill calls Ike and Pearl "Big McStupid" and "Little McStupid", respectively. I call Ike "Doofus" or "Couch Potato". Needless, to say, these are all desciptive of their behaviors.

Actually, Pearl is the SMART dog. Poor Ike seems to be a lost cause, in the brains department. Lucky, for him, he is good-natured, affectionate and has people to take care of him.
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I call Toes a Hosehead or Hoser sometimes. He really is one, but a loveable one. Such a dufus butt!
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LOL!Just love those nicknames!
I only say "silly willy", "pretty lady","buns up pop", "crazy daisy" and (things of that sort), depending on what my girls are doing.
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lol i've got crazy names for my brats, butterfly is Butterbutt because she's so fat, my boyfriend calls her Fatgirl, Face is Peepee because when we first got him he pee'd on everything, babygirl is Mama because when i resued her she was pregnant then she dissapeared when her kittens were only 4 weeks old (due to a bad bad house sitter) and came home pregnant. I also call sqweekers Demon or Satans Son cus he's distroyed just about every book i own I got tons
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Originally posted by uabassoon
I will sometimes call Tibby "stinky butt".. because well, sometimes it stinks! Corkscrew I call Corky Porky because he's such a big kitty.

Long time no see.
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Two of my kittens, Acorn & Sapan are nicknamed "Starfish" because that's what there little paws look like.

Muffins my poohrag(k,long story..)

Most of the cats nicknames are just things like, fatty,porkchop,stinker,uggy and just silly things..

heeehee even though this is probably the 5th cat nickname thread i've seen since i've been here it's still a cool idea.
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Well Willow is Momma's Girl, Baby Girl, and spoiled Brat (cause I spolied her BIG TIME!)

And Blade is just plain ol BUBBA. I calls call him lil schnit.
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Russell - Cat, Bub

Esper - Princess, Little Miss, Kitten, (she's kitten sized)

The New Nameless Kitten - Kitten, $%#@^@#^#%$#%@@# (during the eviction of the bedroom after treating me like a bouncy castle), Menchi, Frank
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Emmett has a few. Mostly Emmers, everyone calls him that. Then he has a few I just call him. Like Sweetie, pooky, nut bar (when he is acting nutty)

This isn't a nick name but its cute little thing about Em. He has one black mini whisker and I call it his "evil" whisker. I told my mom if I pucked the whisker he would be the perfect kitten, but who wants that, I like his little evil side, even if its just the effects of a mini whisker.
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Rosie gets "Stinkpot" when she walks back and forth across my knee for her treats where she puts her bum in my face!!.Lovely!!!

Or when she's affectionate, it "My Little Cherub".

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Jeepers - Nutball, kittypants, kittyful, evil jeep and of course.... stinky

Axl - Axy Baby (That one's my dads), Mog, Furry trousers and sloth.
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Tarka is Snugglebug or Precious and Luca is Fluffbum or Little one.
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And I forgot a couple!

Koko is my little Koko-nut (she is so full of energy and runs around the house wild-eyed half the time).

Eight-ball is Goofball (he's just one of those cats who's personality keeps me guessing, and I'm never sure what he's going to pull off)
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