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I found out from my hubby that a friend of his had his girlfriend leave about 3 weeks ago, and after she left he threw her cats (and the female cats 4 week old kittens) outside, and that he hasn't been feeding them. Hubby has been taking food to them, and today I went with him.

One of the female kittens, a black and white long hair jumped out of the compost bin, and ran up to be petted. When I was petting her, I gently tried to seperate the matted hair on her neck, to make her more comfortable by breaking up the mats. Thats when I saw a sight that still has me trembling. The skin on the back of her neck looks like it has split or something and I could see the muscle underneath. The wound is a little over an inch in width and a little more in length and goes from the back of her head towards her shoulder blades. It wasn't bleeding and looked well cleaned (probably by the momma cat).

Needless to say I brought her home. I couldn't leave her outside in the horribly cold weather we've been having. I called the Vet as soon as I got home, and the assistant said he had left for the day. So I called the emergency Vet which is about an hour from here and talked to the Vet on the phone describing the wound. She said it was probably an old abcess that ruptured leaving the open wound behind. She asked if Kitty was eating and drinking, and she is. She positively DOVE into the food I gave her, and lapped up half a bowl of water. Vet told me to put peroxide on the wound and polysporin, which I have done.The Vet will be back on Friday, and the Vet on the phone told me as long as she seems comfortable , and is eating and drinking she should be fine until then. She said they would probably inspect the wound , put her on a round of antibiotics and stitch it up once the chance of infection is ruled out. Kitty is resting comfortably in the back porch in a bed of soft blankets, with a full tummy, but I'm still shaking like a leaf.

Is there anyone out there who has any advice for what I can do for her in the meantime until Friday? She just purrs and purrs and wants to be held- very very affectionate.

Btw- she is being kept in the back porch to make sure she doesn't pass anything to my resident cats. I plan on having her tested for everything when I take her Friday. I change my clothes and wash my hands really well after handling her, before coming inside. Hopefully they can cut the rest of her mats out too, they must be uncomfortable

I'm just SO horrifed for this poor little girl We aren't supposed to have cats as it is, let alone another one because of allergies, but I couldn't leave her there in that condition.

Sorry to ramble- I'm just so upset
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Wow what a story!! God some people must make me so
Bless you for taking care of this little one!!! Where are the other cats? They are probly starving poor things!

I dont have much advice, I'd say just follow vets orders and keep neosporin on the wound and feed the little sweetie until you can get to the vet. Are you going to keep her?
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Apparently the ex-girlfriend is coming to get the mom cat tomorrow. If she doesn't take the other kitten too I'll step in and find it a home, or bring it here temporarily. I know this little one is probably lonely for her mom and sibling, but I did what I thought was best for her health. Hubby gave a big bag of cat food to his friend to feed them, and dumped a bunch on the steps for them, so they have full tummies for now at least.

I'm going to pick her up some wet kitten food and KMR tomorrow, to help fatten her up. Shes all skin and bones

And yes, we're keeping her She deserves love and we have lots of that to give. We'll cope with the allergies as best we can- its been going ok so far.
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That is so wonderful of you 4 weeks is so young to be without mom.. I hope she will be ok.
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Shes actually around 7-8 weeks now. The girlfriend has been gone for about 3-4 weeks, and they were about 4 weeks when they were tossed outside

I hope she'll be ok
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You angel!!!. And she's a "WITCH" for doing what she did at such a young age, not to mention putting them out in such freezing weather!!.

Let us know how kitty comes on, we know for sure she'll thrive now that she's got someone to love her
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Re-read the original posting...after the girlfriend left, HE threw out the cats, probably to get back at her. He's lucky he's not my S/O's friend. We both would have been in his face.

My mom's cat had an abcess break. I found her under the bed hiding and pulled her out. When I saw it, the only thing I could do was scream. She ended up with stitches and antibiotics and an Elizabethan collar for a few days.
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I think it's wonderful what you are doing.... but I do dread the thought of the girlfriend getting those cats... she really shouldn't have just left them, I mean I'd never just walk out and not take my babies along!
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Good for you!!! Just continue to give her lots of love for now. That alone can do wonders for an animal. You could get some colostrum and give her a little of that in her food each day to give her immune system a boost. Get a good quality food too so she doesn't have a lot of stuff in her system that she doesn't need.
I bet she'll be ok. Keep up the good work and have fun with her when she's over this.
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She looks a little better today- the wound looks like it has shrunk a tiny bit- is that possible? Its a paler shade of pink than yesterday too, it was raw looking when I first saw it.

She is doing well- eating a lot, drinking water, and she used her litterbox while I was at work. I gave her lots of snuggles when I got home- was she ever happy to see me!

She goes in tomorrow morning at 8 am to firstly be tested for Feline leukemia. Depending on the results of the tests, we decide what to do from there. She is too young and underweight to undergo anesthesia unless it is a dire situation (which it doesn't appear to be) so I'm unsure what they will do about the wound. Perhaps they can use some sort of 'glue' (for lack of the proper name) to hold it together as it heals, since stitches are probably out of the question. She'll probably be shaved as well, since she is so matted.

Please keep the little one in your thoughts/prayers
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(((((( Good vibes for the litty baby!! )))))))
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Bless your heart Melissa! It's great to hear that Kitty is showing some improvement! How are the other kitties doing? Is there just 2 kittens...or more? I hope their ok too!

Please keep us updated on how they're doing & keep up the great work of being a surogated Kitty Mommy to her!
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The wound probably looked rawer when you first saw it because momma kitty was doing her best to clean it with her sandpaper tounge. It is possible it shrunk a little.. Youd be ammazed at how fast they heal when they have the proper nutrients.

If you can afford it, and are able, I would definitly take that other kitten and find it a good home when it's old enough to leave momma. It might well turn feral if left alone too long.
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The ex-gf came and got the momma and two remaining kittens today, so at least they are safe now.

I just put peroxide on Shaedi's neck, and boy did it bubble! She seemed unconcerned about it though, didn't even flinch. Is it possible she has lost feeling in the area because the wound has been there for so long? I'd think it would hurt a lot to have peroxide dumped on a wound that size

It turns out that Shaedi is actually my cat Gibbons's sister from a more recent litter! I found out today that the people I got Gibs from actually got him from the people who threw this batch of kittens outside. What a weird coincidence

I'm a bundle of nerves waiting for her Vet appointment in the morning
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Hang in there Hon! Sending mega calming vibes & good luck wishes your way!
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((((((( Everything will be ok!! ))))))))
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Sounds like that kitten will be just fine. It made it this far with it's mother's care. You are wonderful for taking in that poor baby. I will never understand some people, how they can be so cruel to animals like that
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I'm sure the kitty will be fine. If they were house cats, hopefully he won't have any diseases. Keep us updated and post pictures of your new baby!
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Oooops, sorry Melissa, wrong person sentenced!!(Headbutt from Rosie on it's way!!)

He's a "B*****d"

(Thanks for pointing that out to me Sweets!!)

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Hi guys!

Just popping in with an update on Shaedi. She tested NEGATIVE for Feline Leukemia!! Yay!!!

The Vet decided she weighed enough for the smallest dose of anesthesia, and they put her under to repair her neck. She came through it with flying colors , and is resting comfortably in her little bed

Shes going to be on Amoxil for 10 days, and is also being dewormed.

The Vet and the techs were so impressed with her personality, for a cat that has been through what she has. She loves to be held and have her belly rubbed

Now come the introductions to my boys- Gibbons hissed at her carrier that I left open in the kitchen for them to explore, but then again it came from the Vets and had a lot of weird smells on it. I'm hoping they accept her with no major problems, but I'm taking it slow.

Thanks for the prayers and vibes- board magic comes through for yet another needy kitty :rainbow:
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You truly are an angel. It is so nice to know that there are caring people out there who will take in a cat in need. I'm very happy to hear that she is going to be okay and that you guys are keeping her. All cats--babies and seniors deserve a second chance which you are giving her.
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Melissa,She will be fine all she needs is A LOT of loving and care.. And you are doing the best you can.. And will be fine!

I have a little story to tell you.. I have two cats and Buddy he is 3 1/2 years old.. He recently gotten VERY ill on me.. Thank god I know him as well as I do.. He ate some string.. And his systeme was blocked.. He wouldn't eat or use the cat box at all.. Ane wanted to be by himself.. So,anyway to make aver long story short.. He had to have surgery and he has stitches and staples and I have to use Hydropuroxside on his tummy.. When it fuzzes like that it means it is cleaning the wound.. She will be fine thou.. Much love from my cat family..
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Thanks for your thoughts and prayers- Shaedi is having issues with her stitches right now, but shes doing really well. Her fur is starting to get some shine to it, as opposed to the dull matted fur she had when we found her. Her tummy isn't as bloated, so the worm meds are working, and she loves her Amoxil- she sucks it out of the syringe!

ilovejb1979- I'm sorry to hear about Buddy- I hope hes doing better now! Headbonks and purrs from my kitties to him, and you
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Glad to hear the good news!
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Melissa, Thanks for the sweet words! I so love this forum! It's awesome! I am glad to hear your lil furbaby is doing well..
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