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phil got the shock of his life
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....and here is why
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I don't get it! LOL!
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Sam, I don't know if they have Groundhog Day anywhere else besides the US, I kinda doubt it! Anyway, every year we have Groundhog Day (not a get off work or out of school holiday, just a "for fun" day, really) and the "official" Groundhog is Puhxsutawney Phil in Philadelphia (I think that's where he is!). They knock on his little door and bring him out and make a big deal. Basically, it's legend that if the groundhod sees his shadow then we're in for 6 more weeks of Winter. If he doesn't see his shadow, it's 6 weeks of Spring.
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Now THAT'S hilarious!
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LOL!!!!!! Lets hope this groundhog is WRONG!!
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Sam-LOL, watch Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, it should 'kinda' tell you what the significance of the Groundhog Day is, and the Janet Jackson joke-uh, Super Bowl?
Funny cartoon, too bad I missed the halftime show, I was at work!
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Ahhh Yes, "Groundhog day" that's a movie as well right, Yip I've seen that and heard about it, Good one! Thanks.
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