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lover boys

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These are two of my boys, Taylor and Scooter. They love sleeping with each other. (Taylor is the black and white, Scooter the orange tabby)
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Awww that is so precious!

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aww! I wish my babies did that.
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Me too!! That is too cute. It's rare if Zoey and Saki even sleep near each other. Last night I witnessed Saki just totally grooming Zoey's face and she was soaking it all up it was the most adorable thing ever.. and of course my camera was not near me
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I love when the kitties snuggle together like that , they look so cute like that
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Aww, how cute they look. And it does look like like they are enjoying each other's company, which is the best thing yet.
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Here is another picture of the boys in the bathroom, they really do love each other, but lately Scooter has been jealous because Taylor loves all the cats, and is willing to kiss them and cuddle with them.
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Cute little cuddle bug pictures!
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They are so adorble, snugglin this' way and that...aaaaw.
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