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interesting teeth

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My 5 month old maine coon has odd canine teeth, or they look odd to me. They're doubled up. He has two growing from the same gum, on each side. I'd like to get a pic to put up but he won't keep still long enough. Is this likely to just be his baby teeth coming out and adult ones coming in? It doesn't bother him but Im just interested.
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It is probably just the baby teeth as you suspect. 5 months is about when the adult teeth come in.
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So, do you think will they come out on their own or is this likely to be something that will cause a problem?
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Keep a close eye on them. Usually they work themselves out, but if they don't, you might bring him to a vet and have them pull them.

Good luck! Must be kindof scary looking!!
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They usually just fall out by themselves. I was lucky and found one of Saki's baby teeth on the carpet
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Anastasia's teeth are growing right now too. One fell out right in front of my eyes. She was chewing on a toy, then spit something out, I thought she bit off a bit of the toy. So I picked it up and it was a tooth!
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My cat has a snaggletooth. He is a himalayan with a completely flat face so he looks really mad all the time. His whole mouth is messed up. Some cats have an underbite, some have an overbite, but his are criscrossed. The right/top is over the right/bottom, but the left/top is under the left/bottom. If that makes any sense. I got a great picture of it the other day, I'll post it tomorrow.
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Mozart had the same double set of the long pointy teeth when his adult ones grew in. I just kept an eye on them to make sure that one set definitely fell off, and he had no problems.

But I never found any of their baby teeth (yup, I sure did look hard, and yup, Sicy's still snickering at me about even thinking of finding one on my white carpet!)
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Oh good, I was starting to worry that they would be a problem and he'd need to see a vet. But Ill keep an eye on them.
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