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Will be absent ..

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Due to moving and switching internet service providers... I will be absent for a while. Our new isp said it could take them up to a month to get our dsl up. So if it does take that long I'll have a lot of catching up to do. Anyway this is just a heads up.
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Good luck with your move Cassie and I hope you will all settled in and back online here soon.
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Good luck with your move to the new house!! You'll love moving!! J/K Anyways, good luck and be safe!!
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Good luck with your move! I'm glad you're getting out of that place. We'll miss you and hope to see you back on line soon.

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Cassie we will sure miss you. Good luck with the move. We will be happy to see you online again.
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Hi Cassie! :angel2:
Well, I'm really sorry to hear that it'll be a month! You'll surely be missed around here. Let me know if it's okay to give you a buzz okay I hope your move goes very smooth for you guys...I think you've been through quite enough!

Love, Peace &
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moving is one of my absolute least favorite things in the world. I don't envy you at all but at least you're moving into an amazing place!

we'll all be here waiting to hear how it went
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Good Luck with your move and be careful. Enjoy your new place, from your previous thread it sounds like heaven!
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Cassie.... we will miss you ALOT until you come back!!!!!

If you need to talk in between now and then, or if you think you might, just PM me, before you go, and I will give you my phone #.

I love you, Cass!
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