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Watery Eyes (no Money)

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[size=3][b][color=blue] I am having a problem with bad eyes on about 7 of my cats. Is there something I can get without going to the vet? So many cats and not enough money. And since the cats eyes have been watering and crusty so have mine. Can we get it? I found a web site that will sell me pet meds over the web. What can I get? Thank All!
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It can never be stressed enough on these boards that cats are responsibilities much like children and when they are ill, you take them to the vet. Most vets are really good about taking payment and there are always options. Buying meds for cats over the internet without vet recommendations is very risky. If it is a legitimate pharmacy online you would need a vet prescription in order to secure anything that you need. Your cats need a vet.
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I agree they need a vet maybe you could contact your local humane society and see if they know of a vet that will take a payment plan or offer free care.
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Eye problems are tricky. It is really hard to diagnose without a stain or tear test by a vet. It can be:

1. Conjunctivitis
2. Ocular herpes infection
3. Scratched cornea
4. Something merely stuck in their eyes!
5. Or something else!

It is odd that many of your cats are having this problem. Odder still that you are having problems - most viruses are species specific.

Definitely go to a vet. It sounds like you have more cats than what you can afford. If you can't find a vet who takes payments, ask if they can hold a check for you or if they have a company through which you can obtain a loan. Borrow from a friend. Apply for a credit card. Maybe you can ask for a pay advance from your work?

...just trying to brainstorm for money ideas. I will write more if I think of anything else.
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Please go to a vet. Eye problems are very annoying and hard to treat.
It also sounds like you have more cats than you can take care of. You need to be seen yourself, go to a Dr.
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Some kitty eye infections can be caused by a Chlaymdia bacterial strain that causes eye infections (FYI, it is NOT related to any sort of STD). This particular strain can be transferred between cats and humans in some cases, so make sure to wash your hands really well whenever caring for the cats!! My cat had similar eye problems (viral infection with a superimposed bacterial infection). The infection won't usually go away on its own, so you should contact your vet. Mine prescribed antibiotcs drops and oral meds, and now kitty is perfectly fine!

Hope your family gets better soon!
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CALL YOUR VET! Last year when a feral cat had her kittens under by house (In the wall of the house), the kittens later developed yuckie eyes..I CALLED THE VET and told him my problem and he did not have me bring them in, just for me to pick up meds for them. Also this past week one of my outside cats cut his foot and it did not look good and the cat was limping,,I CALLED THE VET and he let me pick up meds for the cat, did not have to bring the cat in..... So vets will work with you just give them a chance and call them
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In case you haven't taken your cats to the vet yet...
This is just my opinion, and I am just another cat owner...since all of your cats (and you) are having the same problem with watery eyes, you should only have to take one of the cats to the vet to get a diagnoses, not all seven of them. That will help keep the cost of getting the cats' eyes treated down.
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Sam had "oopey eyes" when I first got him. Took him to the vet and they gave me a tube of stuff to put in his eyes..Total visit cost $22
(if all else fails, make the appointment and go. When they ask you to pay, tell them you forgot your checkbook and will have to come back. I know its horrible and dishonest, but at least kitties would be feeling better and you can pay later.) Shame on me...
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Or you could tell the truth and work out a payment plan. Abby cat you are very original, creative and warm hearted toward kitties. It's a plan worth considering.
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I wouldn't suggest this... a clinic could legally keep your cat until you pay - and, they are more likely to if they have never seen you before as this is a common scam with new clients.

The clinic I work at has taken to asking new clients to prepay when they come in because so many new clients were "forgetting" their checkbooks, purses, etc. We lost thousands of dollars last year to this. This is also one of the reasons people who work at vet clinics are so underpaid.
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I certainly didn't mean to take them in, have them cared for and never pay for the service. My sister had no money one time and her dog was seriously ill, and she knew the vet refused to see the dog on a payment plan so she did that. She went back the next day and paid. I wasnt trying to corrupt anyone, but animals are the same as children, when they need care they need care. However, I didnt mean to offend or otherwise annoy anyone with that post, so my apologies in advance to anyone who may take offense to it.
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