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Two of my angels

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I was cleaning out some stuff in my studio last night, and found these. The silver tabby was named Gulliver, and the Calico was our beloved Smudge
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They are beautiful! The long-haird calico is breathtaking. I'm sure you miss them alot. Great pictures!

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what precious kitties! I don't think I could get mine to sit still for professional shots.
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These cats are so beautiful! How did you manage to make these to sit quietly???? I have to do all sort of tricks to obtain poor results.

You must miss them dearly, they look so sweet...
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He runs Petography in Alaska. He came to our home and spent 4 hours photographing all our animals. It was quite an undertaking!
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Hmmm Hissy, what is "Petography"? A business?
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the gentleman operates out of Anchorage Alaska, and comes to your home and shoots your animals (with a camera) Doesn't matter what the animal is, he even took pics of our pot-bellied pig, he just works wonderfully with them and brings all of his studio into your home.
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He was such a clown!
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WOW! That little paw there is yummy! It's really unbelievable!

He looks so fluffy and confortable...
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I the name hissler!

that is hilarious.

tell me about your potbellied pig. on big brother they got one for a pet (for a week) and they loved the little thing. I'm intrigued by them now
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Hissy; They truly are :angel2: Hissler looks like a cat we had a few years ago that we called "Mustache"!
I also love the long-haired calico.
I have had many calico cats, but never a long-haired one. . . .
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What beautiful kitties. I also have a cat named smudge. She has a little heart shaped smudge on her nose. Your smudge was beautiful.
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She was rescued when she was 3 years old. Her original owner had her completely out of control. She had been rummaging through the trash, rooting through the woman's cupboards and trashing her house. The lady's daughter I met in college and she told me about her mom's out-of-control pig. I offered to take her off their hands.

I found out that this woman would let this pig eat anything and everything Her favorite food to give her was of all things pizza! This poor pig was huge and when she came to us, we changed her name to Earthquake because she literally shook the house when she walked! I put her on a diet, and kept her indoors and started training her. I learned rather quickly that she would have screaming tantrums (a really high-pitched squealing) that would vibrate my eardrums. She wanted food! But they have a commercially prepared food you are supposed to feed these pigs, they are not supposed to just eat everything they can find.

These pigs are highly trainable, but you have to have patience and the time to invest in training them. We kept Earthquake for a year before finding her a home in Palmer, AK at a Caribou Ranch. because these animals need warm climates, Earthquake had a nice heated barn to live in. It was an experience, but I hope I never have to repeat it again. They are to smart for their own good, they are prone to temper tantrums when they don't get their way and they can easily wreck the best pig-proofed home...*G* I will look for those pictures
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the name porkchop is so cute! the one on big brother acted more like a dog than anything else. I had never thought of pigs as social animals before that.

is there any animal you haven't had??!?!?
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Oh yes, plenty of those out there. Won't say which though,or with my luck, tomorrow they may show up at my doorstep...
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Hissy!!! Thank you for showing us those adorable pictures!!! And for telling us the story of Porkchop!!!
Shannon's daughter named one of their very fat cats Porkchop, too!
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