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Feelin' old

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Today is the 40th anniversary, of the Beatles' first appearance, on the "Ed Sullivan Show". I SAW that show AND their two subsequent appearances.

"The Morning Show" ran clips and I remember bouncing up and down, in front of the TV, thoroughly enchanted with these four guys, who looked like nothing I'd ever seen before.

WHERE did that six-year-old go? She may be a 46-year-old grandmother now but, she still sings "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" with the radio AND remembers all of the words!
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I join you in that grey-hair line! I too saw them on the Ed Sullivan show, and fell heads over heels for Paul! My poor parents, my sisters and I ran out and bought every single and every album, wallpapered our rooms with the posters and lived ate and breathed BEATLES! LOL
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Some of us were discussing this, at lunch today. The group ranged from late 20s to mid-40s. The 20-somethings were talking about groups that I've never heard of and we 40-somethings went off about our junior-high crushes on Davy Jones and Paul McCartney.

I'm sure glad, that I touched up my hair, last weekend. All of that reminiscing AND gray hair would have been too much.

My videotapes, of the "Ed Sullivan Show" are among my prized possessions. So many classic acts: George Carlin, The Rolling Stones, the Animals, Richard Pryor, Jackie Mason, Senor Wences, Rich Little, the Supremes. If it was during the 60s, I saw it on the Sullivan Show.
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I was a child myself(5).
I may be 45, but i can run rings round some of the young "know it alls" at work!! LOL

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I remember the news showing the Beetles getting off the plane in the US and my Dad said "Looks like a bunch of long haired hippies"
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I remember seeing them also. I was young (about 4), but recall my older sisters talking about it for weeks in advance. On the day of the show, we gathered around our TV, sat on the floor in front of it and watched it. My sisters were mad that the audience was screaming cause they couldn't hear all the music.

My oldest sister liked George. My next oldest sister liked John. They told me that I could choose between Ringo and Paul to like (cause I couldn't like the same ones that they liked). I was 4 - I chose Ringo! LOL

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I don't think I will get out of my rocking chair today in honor of this anniversary. If I didn't already feel old, I do now. What was that the anniversary of again? What?
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Im 32 and i was in love with all the beatles my whole childhood...LOL
they still fascinate me

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