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Update on "Sheba" Mommy Cat

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I'm happy to say that "Sheba" is once again eating and her fur has stopped falling out. She is still thin but because I didn't know what she looked like before her pregnancy, assume that she is just a sleek cat. Her babies, "Goliath", "Sara", "Rebecca" and "Abigail" are now 7 weeks old, very active and I love them all. Unfortunately, my other cat, Figaro despises them and I have to keep them in a separate room. He attacks them every chance he gets and they are scared of him. I will have to give 3 away and soon...
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So glad to hear that your momma cat Sheba is doing ok now. I bet the kittens are adorable! Hopefully Figaro will adjust soon to the new cats in the house. Good luck!

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Glad to know Sheba and babies are doing well.
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Hi Bellafig :angel2:

It's really good to hear that Mommy kitty Sheba is doing much better. When Opie was a baby he had and still has problems with my Job. But, now, Opie is the Alpha cat and Job cowers from him. It's amazing and it's sad, but those two will never get along because of the constant beating and battles that Job would start when Opie was a baby. I kept telling Job that one day Opie was going to grow up and never forget this friction. Well, he didn't listen and now, Opie's soooo big and muscular that he just stares Job down and wants him to fear him...it's rather an interesting site, however; I don't permit them to fight in the house. I make them take it outside....(I'm kidding) I hate for them to fight at all and I make them go in separate rooms...sort of like a time out deal...but, I don't know if that works...it hasn't yet, but it keeps the fur from flyin.

Good luck with your kitties. I pray they all get good homes and I pray that you're nerves will be at ease soon.

To all the babies

Love, Peace &
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