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The reason we do what we do.

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Last week was a great week for our shelter. We are finally getting adoptions. Saturday was awsome. By the end of the night we had 6 empty cages, we haven't seen 1 empty cage all summer much less 6. So it started Thrusday night when 7 cats got signed up for not all went throug, but I know of 4 that did. Then Saturday a woman who adopted an FIV positive kitten from us last spring came in. She had seen this cat name Seymore on our web site he is 7 yrs old, FIV positive & his family had to give him up because one of the children had lift threatning alergies. So the woman came in to sign up for him. Our policy is that if you've adopted from us before you can take them home that day. You've never seen a group of people so happy, until later that afternooon when the people who were showing a couple of cats at PetCo came back. A couple had donated $1000.00 to our shelter. It was so awsome. The volenteers who had been at PetCo said they both started to cry when the couple gave them the check & most of us at the shelter got teary eyed at the joy of their generosity. So for all of you working hard to help the kitties remember there will be bad days, but then there are the days that make it all worth while!!!!
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Wow that is so awesome. I hope something really really good happens to that couple, they were so generous to have done that. I am glad you are getting more adoptions, that is always great! Good job!
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That really made my night to hear of such amazing success you have currently having at your shelter! And for the couple who donated such a sum, well, Karma works both ways. They will certainly be rewarded with riches for their generosity and helping so many creatures.
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Wow thats a real good story amongst some sad times
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Woo hoo! We adopted out all of our dogs last weekend. We're having a Grand Opening on our new adoption center this weekend and am calling Animal Control groups in the area to try to get dogs available for our event. It's a good day when you have to beg for animals from other groups to adopt out!
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What wonderful news! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!
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Yea, I know what you're talking about.
I went over to Suffolk, Va to get 5 kittens out of a barn and since we were right close to Suffolk Animal Control, we "dropped by", got a pregnant calico, a black & white with two nursing kittens, an adult grey-striped we named "Tucker" and a beautiful Scottish Fold/Tortie we named "Tess".
Suffolk Animal Control even loaned us extra carriers to take them all home.
So we returned to Virginia Beach, "13 souls on-board" and all of the cats were healthy, adoptable and affectionate. We processed them into our operation, fed them and got them bedded down for the night and began the next day making Vet Appointments, "Snips" appointments and getting shots and histories gathered on them.

Tess went home this past week, Tucker is still waiting but he's such a great cat, he'll get a home soon. The others are waiting to get older, stop nursing or drop their litters.

It was hard to see these cats in the state we found most of them in, awaiting their time at Suffolk Animal Control. We couldn't leave any of them behind, so we took them all and left Suffolk Animal Control with empty cages.
The hardest part of it all for me was partig with "Tess" and "Tucker", they were "my" babies for a few days and ""Tucker" really opened up once I think he might have realized that we wanted to love and help him find a new home.
The hardest part was realizing the dis-service I'd have been doing if I'd kept him for myself. He deserved a good home where he could be the center of attention when for so long, he'd been out on the street. He's a great cat and there's an adoption contract already on him. Hopefully, he'll bring a lot of companionship to some lucky cat-lover for years to come.

All of these cats got a second chance at a happy life in homes where they'll be cared for-
And that's why I'm involved.
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We had 6 cats adopted on Saturday...and let me just preface that by saying...we had a cat that has an issue with peeing in the litter box and we had one come back that was in a foster to adopt who has asthma...the people who brought him back were having work done to their house and were concerned it would affect the cat. The girl was sooooo upset. Well..as it turns out...this couple came in and wanted our 2 toughest to place cats..and so both cats went to their new home. That made the entire day even though we placed 4 others.

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Originally posted by TNR1
this couple came in and wanted our 2 toughest to place cats..and so both cats went to their new home.
Those people are real saints! Reading this just made my day.
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