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I suspect a murder and don't know what to do

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There was a BEAUTIFUL yellow and white longhair who walked the streets of my neigborhood. I don't know if he was owned, but I'd say he was. He looked healthy and well fed. I'd see him once in awhile, in the woods, by the creek, walking up and down the streets. Yesterday I saw him on the side of the road.

Let me explain. Our neighborhood is very slow paced. But the road leading to it has a lot of speeders and a lot of animals get hit. But you can tell they've been hit. I saw this beautiful, precious baby laying there like he'd just fallen. His only injuries were blood coming from his eyes, nose and mouth. It breaks my heart to see it in my head again.

Why do I suspect murder? Because when I saw him, just around dusk, a kid of about 12 saw me and told me "that happened last night' and went on to tell a long story of how he and his friends found him at the bus stop that morning. There's only one problem- I had been in and out of the neighborhood 5 times that day, and that cat was NOT laying there. There is NO way I could have missed him.

I asked the boy to help me move him so he wouldn't be destroyed by more cars (I see this too often on that road) He agreed, but soon his family pulled up in a car and screamed, I mean SCREAMED at him. He told me he had to go. The parents screamed at him and drug him inside. The little brother stood there watching me move the cat and asked 'why' and started to say something about it supposed to be there before the parents violently screamed and drug him inside as well.

I moved the body to higher ground, surrounded by trees and shrubs. I couldn't bury him, because it wasn't my land and it's illegal to bury pets in your yard here I left him where his owners, if any, would be able to retrieve his poor sweet body. He died with the most pitiful look on his face.

My theory? Someone, probably the boy's Dad, killed him by hitting him in the face or over the head with something, then laid the body along side the road to make it look like an accident (don't think this is a stretch, it happened to a dog of mine once and was proven)

Today, these kids who are ALWAYS outside playing basketball are nowhere to be seen, and the weather is nicer than it's been in weeks. So, what's up? Do you think what I think and what can I do? I am so sad and so sick!
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How sad, it is very probable that a car, or a bicycle struck him and he was making his way home when the injuries overcame him and he died on the street. How sad for him, but at least he is out of pain and has joined others of his own kind over the Bridge.
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That's what I told him as I moved him. I petted him and told him to be happy over the bridge.

But what doesn't jive is that the boy told me the cat was there that morning and they saw him at the bus stop, but I had driven past that spot back and forth 5 times, double that to 10, and there's no way I could have missed him. He was big, yellow and white and pretty, and right in your face as you come to the stop sign. Him trying to tell me that he'd been there since the night before made me suspicious.
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How sad . I am so sorry you had to see that beautiful cat like that (((HUGS))) . But there is not a thing you can do about it , if you don't have 100 % prove . I am sorry to say that .

May the beauty RIP
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I'm so sorry you had this awful ordeal to go through. Thank you for being so kind as to moving him, so he wouldn't be smushed any worse. Oh I hate that type of a sight, it makes me ill. And people who are cruel to animals make me seethe! Oh if only your theory could be proven and something could be done about it, I'd back you up. Man, there are some ignorant sickos out there please be careful in your dealings with them. If they are that way, they might try to take it out on yours if waves start going around. Be careful. take care, hootiecat
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How awful...If I were in your shoes......well, let's just say that I would be planning some very unpleasant things. Just a suggestion, You may want to make an anonymous report to your local Humane Enforcement office, possibly to social services as well. It sounds like there is more going on with that family than meets the eye.

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Whenever I see or hear of a cat roaming the streets I hold my breath-- there's too much out there that can hurt them.

I remember one sad sight that will never leave my memory -- I was on a Greyhound bus passing thru Maryland -- I saw, next to an overpass, among the leaves that had blown against the abutment -- a very small, still, white furry form -- a kitten who had most likely been thrown from a car. An innocent being who most likely ended up in the hands of inhuman beings.

Wonder when humanity will ever live up to the word Man"Kind".
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Hi All,

If there is a humane educator in your circle of contacts, please ask them for help with this. Otherwise, I would try to talk with a Guidance Counselor at one of the schools that the kids in your neighborhood attend. These people might be familiar with the First Strike information that HSUS' task force makes available. This is the material that explains the link between violence against animals, and violence against people. I am not saying it is clear that the children you talked to are victims of domestic violence, but I'm saying, it is a possibility. Please do take this seriously, both for the poor cat's sake and for the sake of any kids in your neighborhood that might be involved or aware of what is at the root of this cat's death.

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How sad for this poor baby. It is hard to say what could have happened. He very well could have been hit by a car and wondered around for a while before he died. That is so sad to think that this poor cat may have suffered such a horrible death. That is why, whenever you can, please keep your cats indoors at all times. If you have a cat that likes to go out, put them on a harness and leash, but only when you are there to supervise. Never leave a cat tied out when not at home. I would not put it past someone to intentionally do something so horrible either. People can and do some terrible things. All I can say is this. To those who feel the need to hurt an innocent animal, please remember. God is watching you and will remember!! I think animals are God's way of testing our true personality. You can lie in front of other people and treat them well, but intentionally hurt or torture one of God's beautiful creatures, I believe god will turn the other way in your time of need.
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When I was at the Animal Rights Conference in McClean VA last year, I met some wonderful people who had put together an organization that visited school classrooms, to promote "Humane Education" -- I think that is also the name of the group -- they're based in NY State but I think they go pretty much everywhere and are trying to set up branches all over the US. I think they are a fantastic group of people, too -- I went to their seminars and kept running into them all during that fantastic conference.

It had been my wish for many years that there should be a STANDARD class on How to Properly care for Your Pet -- in EVERY school, starting at kindergarten level, and becoming incrementally more comprehensive based on the age and attention span of the child -- through to the Senior year of High School. What a DIFFERENCE this would make in the way kids treat animals -- and these kids in turn would educate their parents and peers.

I would also be great if every veterinary and law school taught the first year students how to recognize and deal with animal abuse.

"Anima" is the Ancient Latin Word for "Soul". When some people ask me why I "waste" my time with Animal Issues when I should be working for women's rights or abuse issues I tell them that you can't love one species and ignore the other -- (in addition, I personally feel that I resonate more with the animals and will not deny that feeling). I also know very well how terrified an innocent little loving being can feel when it sees a towering enraged human descending upon it to cause all kinds of harm -- my screams were eventually heard -- the innocent animals' - sometimes never).

Thanks for caring. I have a furbaby on my lap who needs some attention right now -- 2 others are lined up waiting. Ciao
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Wow...I didn't know that there was an Animal Rights Conference in my city. Interesting!

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Save your Annual Leave for this It's a terrific Event

July 8 - 12 2004

I know the link says 2003 but the website is set up for 2004 -- more info will be posted as the event draws closer. It's at the SHERATON PREMIERE Hotel (703/448-1234) near Tysons Corner -- even the restaurant in the Sheraton serves vegan fare during the conference (check beforehand for more info of course). It's a tremendous experience just being there, meeting people, going to workshops, meeting the exhibitors. It's easy enough to get to and from the Conference from Metro too, and the hotel has some sort of Shuttle to and from the Metro(call for pickup and droppoff times). If I am not mistaken there is also at least one bus that goes by the hotel.

I think the hotel also allows pets -- check with them on this.

PS -- Last year AR held a second conference as well - which was in...... Las Vegas -- Los Angeles?? I don't remember - I think that one was in October.
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COOL!!! Vienna is SOOOOO close to me. I'll have to share that with the rescue group I volunteer with.

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Thank you so much for your kind posts. It makes me feel better to know some of you think there was something up. I don't believe a cat would just drop dead on the side of the road hours later, and because I had passed the spot several times that day I don't believe the story of the boy who said it happened the night before. Yes he and his family are messed up and suspicious. He used to hide from me when I drove past,now he sort of smirks. I think for awhile he was scared and now he's gloating. Damn I wish there was some way to prove it. If I ask enough people someone might admit something they know. I also suspect 2 other pets, a small dog and another cat, were also killed and left on the side of the road. The first cat was laid literally on top of the crushed body of the dog. This cat was close to our street as if it was there for someone to see and think he was hit, which is why the little boy tried to tell me to stop before they drug him in. This cat was precious and beautiful and this will always haunt me. I would like to think somewhere, he and that poor girl who got murdered that we saw on the carwash tape, Carlie Brucia, are cuddling together. There has to be a special place for creatures who suffer and die that way.
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Animals are dying horribly, and little boys are smirking about it? Grrrrrrr, I'm glad I don't live there, there might be other 'accidents'. (honestly, I don't know how that boulder landed on your car). (!#@$@#$) (!@#$%^&@#$). Please consider informing law enforcement, animal murderers are only a small step away from becoming people murderers.
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This kind of thing should remind all pet owners. Keep your cats inside at all times and do not let them roam free. Of course, we all know this will not help the feral cats, but to the ones who have homes, this simple little step will keep your cat safe.
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If you do suspect something, report it to the relevant authorities. The sooner the better.


I don't know what the boy told you, nor exactly what the younger boy was saying. However do try seeing it from the point of view of the parents, especially if they do not know you. You're a complete stranger who is trying to convince their son to move a dead animal. And giving them the benefit of the doubt, they may have told their children that you're a crazy cat lady.

I have known of and heard of cats hit by cars that have wandered back to their homes with internal injuries which sounds like what this particular cat had.
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Right then and there i would have called the ASPCA and see what they think.

(They might do that stuff)
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that is messed up, and sad. I think maybe the man hit him with his car or somthing, and didnt have the guts to stand up for his actions. Hopefully his kids dont take this type of behavior as being the right thing to do
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That is so sad. People can be so cruel. I put a catfence on my fence for my former ferals but one outsmarts it. I worry about him daily. Your nieighborhood sounds alot like mine.
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