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Chained Dog Valentines

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Ok am I the only one here that sees a problem with sending Valentine's to dogs that are chained and apparently malnourished???
Shouldn't people be reporting these dog's owners to authorities for animal abuse and then helping the dogs be freed and cared for instead of sending them cards? http://www.anc.org/pets/pets_article...2004_0129_dogs

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On second thought...I just went to thier main webpage and it really does look like a great cause they are taking on.
What do ya'll think?
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I don't know, it just might work. Sometimes it only takes one child to make a difference in the heart of an adult. Think of the little girl who took on the tuna industry to save the dolphins? I personally think it is a sweet idea, and they send a treat for the poor animal as well as information on how to care for the dog better. It makes me nuts to see dogs on chains anyway. It is so unneccessary in my book.
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I think it's a great idea! Living in the country, most people let their dogs run free, and the rest chain them to trees. The free roaming dogs and the coyotes often attack and kill the chained dogs, who are at a clear disadvantage. I want to take every dog I see that is chained up out here!

Year-round backyard pens aren't much better here. I have a neighbor that does that, and had coyotes jump the fence and rip their dog apart one night. When that dog died, he just put another one out there. What a life - living in the cold and heat without human or animal contact! Education hasn't helped him - he rationalizes that the dog would have been euthanized in a pound and wouldn't be alive at all if it wasn't for him (which is NOT true).

I might just send out a valentine this year!!
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Oh my gosh, I am crying my eyes out right now. If you can stand it, read this story of Judith from thier website...WARNING...it is a very heart wrenching story of abuse, don't read if you are not prepared...it physically made me sick!

How can people be so cruel!

By the way, this article came from the newsletter that I get from this site each month http://www.petsandanimals.org/

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That story is truly heartbreaking! Animal Advocates is a local rescue team an hour away from me! They do such a wonderful job helping these poor animals. Poor Judith, stuck on a chain for 10 whole years. She sure is a survivor! She looks so much happier with her new family. This kind of stuff happens every day out here.
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My little town has a very strict leash law, most of the dogs here live in kennels, and a few are chained. There's no possibility of a coyote or other predator attacking these dogs. All of these dogs have adequate food and water, and dog houses for protection against the weather, and a tarp over the top of the kennel as extra protection against the sun. As far as I know, all the owners spend time with their dogs, and I often see people out walking their dogs, especially in the early mornings.

If the police find dogs running loose, they return the dog to the owner if they know who it is, otherwise they take the dog to the veterinary clinic where it is kenneled.

IMO, dogs that are allowed to just run freely all the time are exposed to a lot of hazards expecially in cities. I think Chained Dog Valentines is a good idea, but I hope the kids are able to realize that a dog that is confined to a kennel isn't necessarily an abused or neglected dog.
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I tell you what, if I EVER saw someone in this neighborhood doing ANYTHING like that, their animals would "mysteriously" dissappear one night.
How sick is that?
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