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Cat Wipes/Baby Wipes?

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Ocassionally I have used cast wipes that I bought at PetSmart to give Leo a wipe down (when I catch him off guard!). My question is can I substitute baby wipes instead? Those cat wipes can be pretty expensive. Has anyone tried this?
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I would be interested in that too
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I have been using baby wipes for the last 3 year on my Loki - especially when he used to have diarreah due to food allergies. Never had any adverse reactions. If you look at the ingredience they are almost idential if not identical.
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Personally, I'd rather use catswipes. I'm the type of person that won't take chances using products meant for humans on my kitties.
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I use baby wipes on Cupid's face b/c I can't wash it when I give him a bath. I use cat wipes when he needs a quick bath before I take him somewhere b/c they're bigger and thicker.

I use all natural baby wipes from Seventh Generation, but they're hard to find here so I use Huggies Natural Care sometimes too.
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Hello, My name is Maxine, Yes I have used babywipes on my cats, we don't have a petsmart here where I'm from and my cat who I rescued as a 2-3 week old kitten is just fine. He was so small, I had to clean his bottom for him with the wipes to stimulate him like a momcat. H'e a BIG 2 YR. old now very healthy and beautiful. I raised him on kitty formula called tigersmilk mixed with infant cereal like rice cause it is light and easily tolerated by young tummies, kitty or baby. hope this helps. hootiecat
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Thanks for all of the feedback. I was at my local Walmart and I saw that they also sold the catwipes that I found at PetSmart. I may give Leo a wipedown today with the baby wipes so I'll let you know what happens
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