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I voted No and for the reasons listed.

I do understand dressing them up for a picture or two or for when it's cold, but I do not agree with dressing cats up simply for the sake of it or because you want them to match the current decor of your house.
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I voted, the second choice, I think it was "Sure, but not too often" I have dressed up my kitties before and they don't mind. My RB kitty Yogi used to wear a little jacket when he got shaved to keep him warmies.
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I wouldn't be able to dress JC up, even if I wanted to. We used to have a boxer with hyperthyroidism, who, despite daily thyroid pills, never seemed to have a thick enough coat in winter. We used to put a hooded sweatshirt or a V-necked pullover (hand-me-downs from me) on him in very cold weather. There were many times when we didn't think it was cold enough to dress him, and he would go and fetch one of his "coats" for us to put on him. He also appreciated children's socks on his feet when it was snowy or icy. So I wouldn't classify dressing animals as cruelty in some cases, but as a necessity, or at least an increased measure of comfort.
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I'd have to agree there. It's not cruelty when there's a practical purpose -- and there ARE times when there's a practical purpose. But dressup for the sake of dressup -- Nope. Sorry.
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I'm glad I've gotten a huge resopnse to this. I guess I don't think it is cruel, but my cat would hate me for it and it does impair their walking. I saw an episode of America's funniest home videos where a cat (had fur) was in a sweater. It tried to walk across the back of a couch and fell off. It was so sad I told myself I would never dress my cat up. Well the company that thought its cat clothes line would be a big success they my be in for a surprize. I don't think it will be very popular because cats don't really enjoy clothes on (unless they don't have fur or at least my cat doesn't enjoy it). My cat would not like haveing anything else on.
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