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Would you dress your cat?

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I saw an ad in a magazine for clothes for cats. It said they expect fashion concious cats to be a big hit. My cat would hate it and I think it is very unnatural. I was just wondering what others thought.
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I would only "dress" a cat that needed it to stay warm. I think a hairless cat or sometimes the rex breeds get cold.

My cats (two big furballs) would wig out if I tried to put clothes on them.
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I voted 'No' but not because of the reasons listed. I guess it's because Jeepers would shred me if I tried to do anything like that. I like my hands to be scratch and pain free
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I would vote no , but I think it is not cruel to animals . So I did not vote
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hehe...I love this poll! I would if Mittens wasn't so fat...hehe...

It reminds me of what the Adam Sandler did on Anger Management!(designed clothes for cats)--I think it was Anger Management...?
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Quite frankly I would not since the heat in Puerto Rico would be too much for them to have it with a sweater. But if take them again to Spain (we lived there for almost 7 months) and they have problems with the cold then I may do so. Anyway, they did not have trouble since the calefaction was always on.
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I voted no, but I don't think it's cruel. I just think it looks silly. I'm not into dressing dogs, either.
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If they would like it to keep warm,but we all know, cats do not like to wear anything .Besides cats already have fur. I didn't vote, cuse I don't think it is bad, just not necessary...
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I voted for special occasions and pictures cuz ....cuz...cuz Im a bad pet owner wahhhhhhh ( kidding ) I dont think it hurts to put a lil hat on them for a pic , but I wouldnt dress them every day , not because its bad but because its just not how they are made.
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Oh yeah, my cat would just love to be dressed. Note the sarcasm!
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I voted No for the same reason as jeeperscat. None of my Kitties would put up with being dressed up!
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I couldn't do that to my kitties. Haha! They'd put up a good fight with me, especially Koa.
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Originally posted by Sid_the_Cat_Man
I voted No for the same reason as jeeperscat. None of my Kitties would put up with being dressed up!
That's pretty much my reason, too. I think Molly would let me, but she wouldn't be very happy, and then she would hide for awhile. Faile would definitely put up a fight.
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I dressed my kitties up for Halloween last year! They don't mind one bit, except for the fact that they can't walk properly with clothes on!
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Dressing cats? I prefer mine to be viewed as a war machine
But yes, if I wanted to die, Id attempt to dress up Mac.

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Actually, I've dressed Toes in my clothes, but I wouldn't do smaller clothes. He just falls over on his side anyhow.
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I voted special holiday /occasions cause I wouldn't dress them in a sweater, only maybe put a 5 minute hat on one or scarf etc...that would be all just to take a camera snap then off the accessory would go.
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It's hard enough just putting a leash on The Sammycat(I have yet to be successful) much less putting clothes on him. I'm not into pain

I would have to say that the only reason that I would dress a cat is if he was like Purr's cat Cupid: That hairless breed I can see putting a sweater on them to keep them warm when it is freezing out. But no not to dress them just for the sake of dressing them.

However I am guilty of putting a jacket on Ceasar when he has to go outside to potty, He isn't able to adjust to the sudden changes of being nice and warm inside and then freezing his fanny of when he goes outside.
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I have only put stuff on my cats like once.. halloween bandana and Christmas jingle bell collar thing but only for pics. I would not dress my cats on a regular basis because I know they dont like it.
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No way...They look beautiful the way they are and putting on clothes is unnatural. That's why I can't understand why Hello Kitty is so popular!
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I voted "no", just because I never do. I might rather had voted "for special occations and picutes", since I usually put nicer collars on my girls for Christmas (instead the plain reflective ones they usually have), and have also had them wear nice ribbon over their collar for Christmas. When Pollýanna was a kitten, I once dressed her in a dolls christening gown (Yes, I had one for my doll, my mother made it ), so it was very fitting, long enought for her whole body That was just for picture taking, and then I took it off, but Pollýanna didnt seem to mind. So that was just an experiment, 7 years ago If they didnt have fur, I might dress them to keep them warm, I dont know, maybe I would just make them a comfy bed above a warm radiator, that would be much easier
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There are some breeds who need a little extra warmth and don't have a lot of fur . So I think they need to be dressed up most of the time . May I also say that they loock kinda cute
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I voted no because i think it's a bit mean -JMO
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I voted no but not for the reasons mentioned either. Neither one would let me do it - especially Sphinx. Plus they look fine as they are already.
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I voted no. Many years ago, I presumed to put a bow on Shasta's collar for a few days at Christmas time -- a simple bow. It drove her bananas. She hated it. If I'd tried to put anything more on, it would have been all my life was worth. I'm sure the same would apply with the current crew, and like several others have said, I prefer to avoid pain when possible.
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Rosie won't entertain a collar never mind having a dress on!!!

But NO, i don't believe in dressing them up.

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I put sweaters on Cupid sometimes to keep drafts off his skin (especially if I'm taking him somewhere). They're comfortable and he doesn't mind them at all. He sits in my lap and puts his paws out when I am putting one on him.
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Zero gets dressed up the safe way: with photoshop
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I like to dress Tibby occasionally. Usually I don't leave her in the outfit all day, just long enough to take some pictures and tell her how pretty she looks. She really seems to enjoy all the extra attention, so she really doesn't mind getting dressed up as long as it isn't for a long period of time. Corkscrew I would never even try to dress him up, he would attack me!
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My mom and her sister used to dress up their barn cats like dolls and push them around in a stroller. (They didn't leave the cats in the clothes when they were done playing.) According to my mom's stories the cats enjoyed the attention, though they may not have found being dressed up as their favorite part. (This was back in the 30's.)

I learned from my mom right from the start that pets are part of the family and not something to be discarded or ignored. This is something she learned from her parents. It was a different time, and, particularly as farmers, they were unusual in bringing pets in the house as part of the family. My mom has always had a keen understanding of animals, which something I hope and believe I got from her.

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