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Do you have a favorite?

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I adore all my cats and like each one for slightly different reasons, but I still have a favorite.
I feel a bit guilty about that... does anyone else have a favorite?
If so, which one and why?
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Yes I do! I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours (and why)!!
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My fave. is Elmo. I believe he was a gift. I'll tell you the story. I had two cats Lolly(a white exotic) and Garfield(a red tabby exotic) and I absolutely adored them, they were my faves. by far but then garfield developed heart problems and died and then just a little while after than my lolly boy got chased by a dog into a truck and he died. I was heart broken, my cat loonie was due to have kittens soon after that and she had six, one was a Red Tabby & White(Garfields and Lollys coloring) and I knew he was very special, and that's the story about my Silver Double Grand Premier Captivating Tickle Me Elmo. He's friendly and playful and my fave boy!!!
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I guess Fred is my current favorite, because I have had him for 16 years, and he is my baby. He is kind of a grubby old guy, but he is very loving.
My poor Leo, gone to the Bridge of FeLeuk, was my all time, so far favorite. He was a huge (22 lb) bundle of beautiful red tabby sweetness.
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hehe I have a favorite and Im not ashamed!! lol

Patches *snicker* I think its cuz shes my only one :P
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Originally posted by Momofmany
Yes I do! I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours (and why)!!
Well ok then I guess I didnt say it on my first post out of that guilty feeling
My favorite is Jayce. Hes just this soft little fluff of energy that lets me hold him like a baby. My Morgan and Abby are sweet and Im very very fond of them, but not quite like Jayce. I think also because he was ill for a while and I worried over him quite a bit. Now Im very attached to the little stinker (who tears up my house ), moreso than Abby or Morgan.
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Snowball is my favorite. She's also my only
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I love all of my cats but I have to admit that Twig my grey Tabby is my favorite.(shhh! don't tell the others!) He was a gift from my s/o who had told me that he didnt' want any pets in the house when we moved in and then one day I come home from work and he's hiding something behind his back. He was holding Twig and Twig was no bigger the my hand(hence the name) but now he is a 16 pound, 5 year old bundle of fun!
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I love all my cats but I have favorites too. Peaches and Hallie are mine. I'd be devestated if anything happened to any one of them though.
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I love Peedoodle and Kahu the same, but I have to admit that I am growing more and more in love with Kahu as his personality develops more with us.
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I will admit it too...I have a favorite. Well, actually 2. Shalimar was my baby for 14 yrs. She got me thru alot of rough times. She is the only cat posted on my monitor. She died 5 yrs ago.

Thats when I got Pipsqueek and Frantic. Frantic is my snugglebunny. He sleeps with me, sits in my lap while we're watching TV, gives me headbonks. Pip gives the furniture headbonks when he's ready for a little lovin. He's not as snuggly. I think its the way they were socialized.

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I love both my kitties to pieces, but Simon is my favorite. He was the first cat that was truly "mine" as an adult. Plus, he is a a one person cat. If everyone else fell off the earth, he wouldn't care as long as he has me. I feel a very deep responsibility because of that. With other people he is anxious and shy, but with me he is the biggest loverboy ever. He purrs and purrs and loves to be loved on. He gives kisses and head bumps and is truly happy when I'm paying attention to him. He's definitely my baby.

(It doesn't mean I love Max any less, it's just different.)
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I love all of my boys, but my 18 year old Snoopy is my favorite. He's the number 1 boy at my house. He's the sweetest, friendliest, mellowest, most loving, cat anyone could ever want to meet. He is quite literally THE PERFECT cat. My second favorite is Simba. He's adorable. His biggest problem is that he is IN TO EVERYTHING, ALL of the time! I guess he's a typical Bengal.
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I have my days COSMO because he is my lap kitty, and Newman because he has soooooooooooo much attiude!!!!!!!!!!
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This is a very difficult question, as I love all my babies in different ways based on their individuality. I'm a softy with all of them.

But if I had to say which one makes my heart melt every time he comes would be Muddy. I raised him from 10 days old so I am his "momma". He comes up to me and stands on his hind legs to hug me. And he does hug me with both arms around my neck. He has such complete trust in me (more so than any other cat I've ever been owned by), that I'm awestruck at times. In the rare times that he misbehaves (and he is still all kitten), I can't discipline him cause it breaks my heart to do so - but he is so good he rarely needs it so I let it go.

But then again, there's head sleeper and purr buddy for 13 years....purred me to sleep each night that entire time.....hmmmm

OK....the question is HARD! LOL

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I honestly do not have a favorite out of my two kitties. They're both wonderful kitties and completely different but I love them both!
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Of course, like everyone else, I love all of my Kitties.
I will have to admit, tho, that Neko, my all white kitty, is probably my favorite. He is the wild and crazy one in the family and his antics keep me constantly amused and entertained. He is also a very good kitty that never gets into trouble or causes trouble. He patiently waits his turn when it is treat time and is never pushy about anything. He also likes licking me to death.
Majik, my orange tabby, comes in a close second when it comes to favorites.

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Koa is more affectionate than Kolohe, and well he gets more attention. I've been trying to share equal time with both of them, so she (Kolohe) doesn't get jealous. She loves when I play ball with her. They both are my favorites, because they're all I look forward to when I get home.... besides my husband. Hahaha!
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I would have to say Peppurr. He's my 18lb bundle of love! He is the sweetest cat I have ever been owned by! Zeus likes attention on his terms, Peppurr wants it ALWAYS!
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As much as I love both my cats, I think Faile is my favorite. Molly is sweet and loving, and very mellow. Faile is getting more affectionate, and I just feel a stronger bond with her. She is also slightly crazy and very independent, and I love that about her.
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My kitties are all so different from one another, but if I have to pick just one then I would have to say that Berkley is my favorite. She is so attentive and loving, the ultimate lap cat!
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I feel guilty for saying this, but I do have a favorite. My baby, Stinkie, is my favorite. We just have this connection that I can't explain. I got him from an animal shelter when he was a very small kitten. He was the very first one I saw when I walked in the door. I just couldn't walk away from him. There was something about the way he looked up at me - it was like cat love at first sight or something. He knew I would be his Mommy! He follows me everywhere, sleeps with me every night, goes to the bathroom with me every time I take a shower, he lays in my lap all the time. He also has a curfew - he isn't allowed to stay outside at night. I'm very protective of him. He gets pretty much everything he wants, but he is so sweet and cute. I really don't know what I would do if something ever happened to him. I think I just might love this cat a little too much. If I were to ever lose him, I don't know what it would do to me.
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Like all of you I have one whom I favor but unlike all of you my favorite is the least affectionate!
Joji dislikes to be carried (unless she is in her special box), can only be petted for a few minutes and she is the least obedient.The funny thing is when she sees me paying attention to the other two, she gets quite jealous.
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boy boy is definitely my fav.He snuggles up to me in the night to sleep and we sleep together all the time... meow sleeps on her own and never sleeps with me
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I love all my kids to bits, but it's my Cindy-bun who melts my heart. It's Cindy who knows when Mum needs a little TLC. It's Cindy who takes Mum to bed at night. It's Cindy who provides the unexpected little tender moment. It's Cindy who rivets those big gorgeous golden eyes to mine. And it's Cindy who regularly makes Mum late for work, demanding cuddles and attention (and getting them) just as I'm going out the door!

Fawn and Suzy are more bonded to their Daddy. If anything were to happen to any of them, I'd be devastated. If it were Cindy, I'd be a complete basket case.
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I only have the one,and she's my fave. But if i had two, Rosie would still be my favourite as she would have been my first.
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We (parents & I) only have 1 cat - though, we also have a greyhound... and feel so bad in saying Amber is my favourite. But give them attention/love equally.
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I admit it, I have a fave. It's Saladina... she is small (she is getting old, but not any bigger) and fat, looks like a roll of Mortadella and she always sleeps on top of me during the night. I have never seen her angry or in bad mood, and sometimes comes to me just because she wants me to pet her.
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I'd half to pick Alley cause she's still little and very
playful,tho i love Patches too
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