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Kanga got fixed!!

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He got fixed today around noon!

Poor little guy was scared on the way there and so hungry. He was mewing and mewing in his little cage and then all of a sudden there was this real deep gutteral meow that nearly made me crash the truck. It came from Kanga! I think his mom was part siamese or something. Then he wouldn't stop making that noise and here I am driving at 100 km/h trying to sooth my kitty and concentrate on driving at the same time. what a morning!

Then when I went to pick him up he purred and purred like he did when we first got him as a baby. and he stayed on my lap in the truck, so I thought, heck, he's settled I'll try driving with him like this. So I get down the road and he still hasn't moved, then I get to the merge ramp onto the highway and Mr. Kanga decides he wants to explore a bit, so here I am holding him with one hand and driving with the other thinking what a stupid move that was letting him out of the cage. But he just curled up between the door and the seat for the rest of the way home. I don't know why he picked that spot but he sure seemed content to stay there for the 20 min. drive.

Anywho, I didn't mean to make this a long note... He's recovering nicely although REALLY tender in his hind area.
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Awwwww, bless his little heart!.

I know what i was like when Rosie had her op," a basketcase"!.

So pleased he's come through it safe and sound though
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way to go boy - i know what its like - have been there and have the scars to prove it.
It gets better -- trust me, once the swelling goes down.
fellow sufferer
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Eeeeek! Scary about the driving, Tamme I just have to say PLEASE never drive with a cat loose in the car, it's so dangerous!

But I'm happy Kangas had the chop.

((((Recovering vibes his way))))
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Wow with Em it was totally the other way around. He was hungry that morning but was quiet in his carrier on the way to the vet. Taking him home was crazy. He was still on the effects of the drugs and wouldn't stop crying in his carrier, plus his eyes were dialated and it was sunny out so they kept flashing the light making him look like a demon kitty.

When I got him home he wouldn't let me touch him and was bouncing off the walls. Peed on his food mat, and then the bathroom mat.

After about an hour of this he calmed down and slept and liked me again. I never want to go through that again!

All is good now.

Glad Kanga is doing well, give him hugs and kisses from me and Emmett.
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It gets better -- trust me, once the swelling goes down.
Kev, you are so funny!
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Poor little guy - but its worth it. All my kitties do the 'deep throat' mew. It seems that after the ordinary mewing hasnt done the trick they change tack and enter 'evil, get me out of here' mewing mode. More of a deep yowl - a bit scary if you dont see it coming!
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LOL Kev!

Strangly enough, Kanga hasn't changed!

He still chases Tigger around and is just as bouncy as before. Isn't he supposed to calm down a bit???
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Aww poor guy I'd be so scared to drive around with my cats not in their cage

Off topic but how is Tigger doing?? Has she fattened back up since she went missing?
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awwwwwwww poor kanga I am glad he feels good now though...
Nico is still having a rough time...
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Now we "ALL" know what kev's had done!!

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Glad Kanga is doing well It took Gibbons a little while to calm down after his neuter surgery- but hes the most docile kitty ever now. I think it takes a while for the hormones to get out of their system.

Headbonks and purrs from my kitties to 'lil Kanga
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Originally posted by rosiemac
Now we "ALL" know what kev's had done!!


I´m glad Kanga is going better!
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How's Kanga doing Tamme?

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