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Can we say STRESSED?????

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Ok, so today, being Monday, the beginning of the week so didn't start off in a good way!

First the sewer line froze and I couldn't wash my work clothes. Which was fine, b/c I had an extra pair anyhow. So that's not a problem. They got it fixed and everything, so now I have some clothes, which is good.

Second, my car is acting up again, and I don't know what's wrong with it. No one can seem to find anything in particular wrong with it, and everyone has their own ideas as to what's wrong with it. It's going into another mechanic tomorrow I think, so maybe he'll be able to figure out what's wrong with it. My dad also wants to "talk" to me about it, why I don't know, b/c he knows what's been going on with it and what it's doing. And his talks usually mean I get into trouble b/c I didn't do something I didn't know I was supposed to do.

I was almost late for work b/c of my car. I got there on time, and everything, then I fell behind and was almost overtime (they don't look nicely on over time). My shoulders hurt, my knees hurt, I should have gotten gas (for the truck) but I didn't/couldn't, so now I have to go up earlier tomorrow to get some....

Man Monday is not a good day for me!!! I hope this week goes better than today!!!

Sorry for venting so much....I just needed to go someplace where I could write it all out...helps so much! Thanks for reading...and helping!!!
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I am sorry that your week hasn't started off well. I hope that it gets better for you!
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Thanks Shadow! I hope it gets better too!

Ok, so re-reading it it doesn't seem so bad. But after having NOTHING happen for the longest time it seems everything is all happening at once! Why does it do that??? Can't it be spread out over the course of a couple of weeks??
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It sounds like what went wrong was beyond your control. Relax, put your feet up, listen to some good music, cuddle up with your kitty... I find the purring of my cats a gread stress reliever!
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You know that saying "It never rains, but it pours". Hope your week goes a lot better.
Just think, spring is just around the corner!.

I agree with you Yaya, hearing Rosie purr is like music to my ears!!!
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Boy that was some Monday,I hate when I have days like that....They always seem to be on Mondays. I do Try to unwine when I get home. It always seems better when you shut the outside world out after you get home...
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Well it's finally a bit better, but then I got some news that one of the new girls thought I was being mean to her, and I wasn't! At least I wasn't meaning to be, and I think we both kind of miscommunicated so I don't know. And my car still isn't fixed....which sucks, but I was also told that my regular mechanic's car computer only does up to 1999 cars, and mine is a 2000. So I have to take it to another mechanic (I'll get my brother to, he's not so scared to drive it!). On a good note, my dad hasn't had the "talk" with me yet, and I think he kind of forgot about it, so that's good. I'll be so happy when Saturday comes and I don't have to go to work, or go anywhere or do anything!!!!
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