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New cat family here...

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Hey all, I am Jenn and I am a 24 year old that lives in fl.. I have two precoius cats that I adore to dealth.. They are my babys and my kids.. LOL.. I love them.. Jesse is black & white and jesse is one year, buddy is all black and is 3 1/2 years old..

Buddy got sick on me last thursday.. He ate half of his play toy (it was a long shoe lace.. It was pretty thick so anywho.. He got really sick and wasn't actin him self.. So took him to the vet and he did get any better, so his dr kept a close eye on him and he wasnt' getting any better and so his dr called me on Sat and tole he has to do surgery! so they did the surgery and the dr found a large hair ball in his tummy and he had to push the shoelace down to he can pass it.. So today (Monday) he came home and he is happy as a lark.. So now the scarry part is over thank god.. I never really realized how much I love my two cats until this happened to buddy.. I never had a cat to in the hospital so I was a MESS for the whole he was in the vets.. Any wayz enough for right now.. Take care..
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Welcome to the site Jenn! I'm so glad Buddy is OK!!! That had to be so scary for you.
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and enjoy your stay

I am so happy that Buddy is doing good now , I am sure it was a big scare for you .
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Welcome! Gosh, what a scary thing to go through, glad Buddy's recovering. Looking forward to hearing more about Jesse and Buddy.
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Welcome Jenn, Jesse and Buddy!
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Welcome to TCS to all of you.

Glad Buddy is doing better.
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Welcome to TCS! I'm so happy to hear that Buddy is doing better now!
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A big welcome to you all - glad Buddy is recovering.
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Hi Jenn, welcome to you and your babies.

So pleased that Buddys recovered

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Hi Jenn, welcome! Any chance of pictures??
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I have been having A LOT of trouble with this forum.. It keeps telling me that My passwords are bad.. So, I have t e-mail someoen and tell them to take all the names off but one.. LOL..

Thanks for the welcomes and for buddy.. I will have to write more when I get this pw fixed..

Bye to all
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I have found 4 names that you have registered with since yesterday. Please decide which one you plan on using. I can email you the password for the account you want to stick with.
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*does the happy welcome to the forums dance *
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