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Are some posts disappearing?

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I was wondering if something's wrong with the site? A short while ago I saw a couple of threads where the first post had disappeared but the response to it was still there, one of these is this thread. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=31679 If you look at the threads in the Behavior forum you will see that the thread starter was GStein , but there is no post written by her there. (I hope this makes sense.)
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Lorie, I noticed that as well, but I just thought that the poster was responding to a previous thread and clicked the wrong button? I didn't have time to look and see what thread that might be though. If there are others and you can post the links, that would be very helpful.
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I guess it's only that one thread. However, when I first tried to access the site a few hours ago, it was responding very slowly, and then the opening page didn't load completely. (I have DSL) I was just wondering if a technical problem might be developing?
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There was a problem the server bogged down and they had to restart the webserver to fix it. They aren't sure why it happened and I am supposed to be notified by tomorrow if they can figure out what happened.
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Just a reminder - if that was night time in the US (noon my time) - that would have been our automatic backup going on. These forums are so huge, when we do the backup is slows down the server for 10 minutes or so.
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I was just in Caption This, "The winners" and I remember replying to a post and I remember Chelle replying as well and today I went back there and the posts had dissaperad(sp?)

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