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Outlander--- Diana Gabaldon

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Im sure some of you have read this book I just finished it on Sunday, and I have to say without a shred of doubt, it was the best book I have ever read in my life. Tops them all, hands down. And Im a pretty decent reader, maybe 4 or 5 books a month.

The crazy thing about it, is that Im actually truly sad that I finished it. I just cant get over Jamie. And Claire, well, Jamie with Claire. Im just crazy about some fictional character I almost started crying as I finished the last page because it was done.

Before I had even finished though I ran out on Saturday (drove 2 hours) and bought the next 4 books in the series. Im about 100 pages in to Dragonfly in Amber and was devastated to find out it didnt start the way I wanted Where the heck is Jamie?

Well Im off to go read more I hope I find other Jamie-crazy-freaks here
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~giggles~ Hang in there with the Dragonfly in Amber....it's a slower read....a bit muddled at times...but well worth it!!!
I remember when i read the Outlander....about halfway through, i had the other books sittin' on the sidelines...as soon as i finished the first one...i grabbed the second....and so forth into the third......now, i'm stuck halfway into the third....Brianna hasn't....whooops...don't wanna give anythin' away!!!
i started workin' nights and it's not a good thing to read to try to stay awake when you are already half asleep!!!
Suffice it to say...the Outlander is waiting for me...and I will restart the entire series.....~lol~
You are right, it is the most awesome...detailed...emotional..passionate book i've ever read!! (books) The author is amazing!!! You fall in love with the characters....~lol~...you find yourself speakin' in their accent...at least i did, i was reading so much of it at one time!!
As you could tell, im sure..i can go on and on and on...~lol~
Anyways, just wanted to let you know there's another Jamie/Claire fanclub out there!!!

{owned by Baby and KiKi}
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Don't worry about Jamie!! He's a big boy......~giggles~

{owned by Baby and KiKi}
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I love these books! A friend recommended them to me, saying "I know it's romance, but give them a chance". I passed on the addiction to another friend who is Scots, and she passed it on to her UNCLE!

I like to call Outlander the "Let's look around Scotland for places we haven't had sex" book. I really like how all that calmed down in the later books.

She has a new book, called "Lord John and the Private Matter", starring Lord John Grey from the Outlander series. Can't wait to pick it up!
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okay, you have me intrigued and so I went to the library and picked it up!

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Next 4 books in the series???!! OMG, I only have the first 3, didn't realize there were 5 in the series now. I've read the original 3 at least twice, maybe more. Hmm, guess I will have to go to the bookstore!
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Ok, Dragonfly in Amber has gotten much better. Im in the middle somewhere and am hooked. Without giving too much away, I cant believe what just happened to her right after/during the duel in the woods!!! OMG! Holy smokes!

I am still mad for Jamie And yes I know what you mean about taking on their accents! I find myself thinking my thoughts with a hint of Scottish in them
I am so excited for lunch as I'll get 30 more minutes to read before I can go home and indulge!!
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