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Pounce Hairball Treatment?

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Patches is long haired and has had some hairball issues , we got traditional hairball remedy at the store it smells bad the cat hates it I have to mush it into her front paw to get her to clean it off , then she looks at me like "Why did ya do that!!!" , over the weekend I was at Walmart and noticed Pounce has a hairball remedy/prevention thats in the shape of a treat but has a gel in it , I decided Id give it a go , the cat loved it and was looking for more .

Before I get too attached to this product , I was wondering if anyone has used this and if its worked well for you or not

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we've had cats most of my life and only once or twice haas our cat not loved Pounce hairball treats. There is also a salmon flavored paste in a tube (I think it's by Hartz) that some of them have also liked. Both work well as long as your pet will eat it.
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I added a lineatone supplement to my cats' food and it really improved their coats as well as eliminated hairballs. You can get it at petco or petsmart for sure...i'm sure other small pet stores have it as well. It is basically a mixture of different fatty acids and essential vitamins.

Good luck!
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I'd check with your vet first... the reason I say this is because my sister-in-law fed her cats treats and both of them ended up getting urinary crystals. The vet said not to give them the treats because they can contribute to crystals. Maybe it was the kinds of treats she was giving them, but I'd check into it first.

There are hairball control foods that basically have more fiber. Fiber is what is needed to help with the hairballs. It might be that your cat does not like the hairball remedy, but would like others. There is one called "Lickables" (my cat didn't like this one but I think others would) that is pretty good. They also sell Tuna flavored Laxatone at some vets offices.
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I tried the Pounce, and my older cat didn't really enjoy it. He did, however, go crazy over Petromalt, which you can buy at any local pet store:

It works very well, and Spud loved it.
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I have just given my cats Vaseline, smeared across their mouths.....some even eat it off my fingers, or out of the jar if I leave the lid off....I've never tried the commercial hairball remedies...
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