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It's being televised in Australia.

I'm not a keen watcher of it, as I don't like reality shows.

Though, I just want Jerri voted off ASAP. I don't like her. She seems two-faced and nothing seems to have changed since her time in Australia. I haven't forgotten her taking coral off the Great Barrier Reef to sport it as a souvenir either.
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I can't believe that Jerri made it longer then Colby - that is just wrong! I think Lex made a big mistake. I don't think a merge is going to happen too quickly. Now he has lost some major strenght in the competitions. Shi-ann has no abilities in most challenges. At least Ethan is still around. I was glad that Kathy got to part take in the reward/immunity with the winning team.
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I'm heartbroken that Colby is gone! He was such great eye candy!
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I don't think that Kathy made the right choice last night. They still need Ethan for the challenges and the work he does around camp. Lex knows he is controlling Jerri - he will keep her longer then Kathy and Shii-Ann. Boston Rob is an amazing player, but he still irritates the cr%p out of me. He is the strongest physical and possibly mental player in the game. I just want him gone!
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Rob irritates the snot out of me too! I wish Ethan didn't have to go, but I understand the reasonings. They are thinking that a merge will come soon and the individual challenges will be coming up - Ethan would have a better chance at winning some of those. Jerry does not, neither does Shi-Ann.
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I do not like Boston Rob...way too arrogant and he can be lazy. Amber's being "99.9%" sure about him is off, and I feel a bit sorry for her.

I wish that it didn't seem like the most despicable players always get pulled to the end since other players 'assume' no one would choose them over themselves. It's going to bite them bad one of these times

At this point, I still like Lex (even if I didn't feel he should have ditched Ethan, who would be a stronger watch his back kind of guy than Jerri whose already making snarky faces behind his back. Heck Lex...second pays decent and it's a lot farther than you got last time, plus I believe they would have given you first, instead of Ethan...), I like Kathy, Alicia is flying under the radar but may not be able to once the individual challenges begin, and of course...I love Rupert. I just wish him to go farther than last time, and to pick up a largeer paycheck.
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Ethan is GONE !!!!

The man is a GREEK GOD. I've never seen a finer specimen of manhood in all my days
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I feel your pain Melissa! I feel the same for Colby...it just wasn't the same with out him on the show last night & then they gave Ethan the axe too! Now, there's NO ONE to drool over!
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Boston Rob is a pretty poor substitute for my Ethan *sigh* I guess he'll have to do. If he'd shut up I'd like him more I think
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I'm waiting to see him dump Amber in the dirt- that day is coming because he is such a sleazeball.
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I cant believe they got rid of Ethan!
Now I´ve got no reason to keep watching Survivor. I´ll have to find something to do mondays between 9 and 10, after OC and before CSI.
I was sure they would vote off Jerri and Shi Ann next, they seem to be getting on everyones nerves, including each others. I just cant believe Kathy and Shi Ann would choose to vote Ethan off and not Jerri.
Please rewind and play the righ ep, the one where Ethan is not voted off, but anyone else.....
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I am not suprised that there wasn't a merge. I am also not suprised that Jerri got booted instead of Amber. I do think that they have over-estimated how long Rob will be in the game. I honestly think he is gone next week. It was interesting to see that when they tried to mix up the groups it was exactly the same, but in different camps with exception of Amber. That had to suck for her. I think that she is the next one out her tribe if there is no merge anytime soon.
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Last nite I got home just in time to see Jeri voted out...such a shame, I liked her just because she could be such a hag..

Why do they vote all the hotties off first? I miss slobbering over Colby
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Buh Bye Jerri!!!

I'm estatic that shes gone !!!!
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Ok so any guesses on who wins this one? I knew Tom was going to get the axe last night, he doesn't fit with being in the final two. I wonder if Sheean was right and Amber is going to walk away with this, but I do hope Jenna wins.
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I kept yelling at the TV that they were stupid for not voting Amber out and breaking up the Robfather/Amber connection! Argh!!! I sincerly hope that Rob or Amber do not win - I would love to see Rupert take it all home!
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I am sure we are missing a lot of plotting and strategizing. Last night Jenna mentioned that she had been in an alliance with Rob and Amber for final 3. Those two, Rob and Amber, have played everyone else brilliantly, making each one think that they had a special alliance. And, as we saw last night, getting the others to fight when they looked like they were plotting to overthrow the power couple.

I can't stand Rupert. I find him to be very very condescending. One minute, saying I hope they bring candy! And then complaining after they did. Hey, Rupert, it wasn't your reward!

I also believe that Jenna will team up with Rob and Amber to vote out Rupert this week. Then, it's anyone's game with those three in the final.

I don't like Rob at all, but think he deserves to win. And I only like Amber slightly better, but we may find out that she has been the mastermind all the time, and is just letting Rob take the fall. SO then she would deserve to win.

I think way too much about this.
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Originally Posted by Sammie5
I can't stand Rupert. I find him to be very very condescending. One minute, saying I hope they bring candy! And then complaining after they did. Hey, Rupert, it wasn't your reward!
I know my overall impression of Ruper is more positive than some, but to be fair, I thought his complaint was dead on...it wasn't that they brought back candy, it was that after they'd had a whole night of candy, the two cars, they felt they needed to split the candy into 5 portions...why not just have given the 3 starving fellows survivors the candy without taking more for themselves? It was dense politically, and it was selfish...they are two of the laziest....

Anyone but Rob and Amber, please win!
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Oh, I agree, it was stupid. And may be their undoing in the end. But in terms of game play, they could have just eaten all of the candy themselves. Especially since Rupert's stupid antics last week about "I caught this fish, I am going to cook this fish, and eat this fish". He just does not seem to think that rules he applies to everyone else apply to him. And he seems to think that he should be rewarded for taking on so much work, when in reality, nobody asked him to.

I just don't like Rupert. I don't like Rob, or Amber either. But I bet one of these two wins.
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I'm hoping on Rupert or Jenna. I'd hate to see either Rob or Amber win, but I do have to admit they've played the game very, very well.
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I can't stand Rob or Amber..I couldn't stand them on the previous shows either. Rob's never ending cockiness and Amber's on going defenseless act drives me crazy. I wanted Alicia to win. I've always liked her, but since she can't I'm hoping it comes down to Rob and Rupert for the final two and they send Rob packing.
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Well, my views may not be very popular, but honestly...it WAS a game...with a million dollars at stake...I think Rob played it the best, and would have won, had he not of let Amber ride his coat tails and let his feelings get the best of him...don't trust her..but I hope it works out for the two of them. I don't think she truely loves him, but I do think he truely loves her. I think she was in it for the money from the get go...and rightly so...but playing with emotions...she knew Rob was falling in love with her...ah well....nuff said...I serously doubt she gives two hoots about him and I think now that she has won the million we will see how fast she boots him out.
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Oh and also...forgot to add to my last post there...who are you all voting for to win the million that will be up to all of us fans and announced Thursday? I am voting for Rupert. Although Big Tom came in a close second in my book...what can I say...I liked them both. I also liked Lex...*sigh* I wish all three of them could win a million!
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I'm thinking Rupert too. He gave his all in the challenges and he just seems like a good bloke all round.
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i really hope that rupert wins the next million, they should have had jon on this one, it would be cool! i wanted them to make a surviver celebrities, like robin williams, jim carrry, sean connery, and maybe arnold swacthenegger(probably spelt wrong) and some others. but i higly doubt that theyd have it though.

I do feel bad fo jenna because she lost, her life changed because she moved her foot, i would feel awful!
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I am so glad Rupert won the second million dollars of Survivor. It would have been so rotten if Rob had won it.
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He won by a landslide too!! 38million votes for him alone? Isnt that what they said? WOOOOOO HOOOOOO Rupert!!!!!
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Proud to say...I voted for Rupert!
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I'm so happy that Rupert won the million! I wish Big Tom would have won a million too, I really like him, he is so easy going and he makes me laugh! I wish Rudy had won also...oh heck, give them ALL a million!!
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I didn't vote, but I was so psyched when he won. No one else really deserved it, and as Rob said he is the most popular Survivor.
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