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Survivor All-Star

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Well, it has started!
I´m surpriced you are not talking about the first ep allready!
I love seeing most of the survivors again, too bad the nice ones wont be able to stay for a long time! There are very few out there I dont like.
I was disapointed to see Tina leave tonight. From that tripe I would most have liked to see Jerry leave. Allthough the former winner might been regarded as threats, this is a new game, and they should be able to play the game just as the other ones that are not former winners, just as somebody said (hmmmm...must have been Tina...), in the other Survivor they all entered equal, but now the former winners have disadvantage. I would have thought the ones that were not liked very much in their season would be voted off first, like Shii Ann, Susan and Jerry.

What about you guys, you did watch it, right???
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I watched it- I must say that Richard Hatch is still a major disappointment. He knows how to make fire and he won't do it? Plus stripping down to the bare nothing all the time- I mean I know he is a nudist, but he should also have some consideration for the others there. It will be interesting how this plays out the buzz is there are a lot of surprises waiting in the wings for these folks.
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I agree about Richard.. he's already making me mad. I hope they boot his naked butt out!!!!!
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Oh, right, what on earth was up with Richard??? He wont help his tripe make fire, what kind of thinking is that? I think he is a little bit to sure of himself there. And he gets away with it, while nice people like Tina and Ethan are the targets in their tribe.
Also about Richards nudity, this is a bit too much, ok to be nude swimming or something, but it looks like deliberately
shocking people and not helping them work is his stragety to stay, but a very strange one!
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And what about Sue drinking that water straight out of the well? What a bozo- she is after all in a foreign place!
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Originally posted by hissy
And what about Sue drinking that water straight out of the well? What a bozo- she is after all in a foreign place!
Right! I thought it would just serve her right to get ill from the water and get voted off due to illness
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She's a bozo but man I would be tempted if I was that thirsty. Though I would much rather drink rain water. I'm surprised they are all not passing out by now, no food or water. I wouldnt last 12 hours lol.
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Right Sicy, they couldn't even keep their fire from the tribal council, they always get to keep the fire by first triball council, if they haven´t managed to make fire by then.

Somebody said she was from Canada had drunken water from rivers there...well I have drunken water from a lot of rivers in Iceland, but when I was in China, where my body is not familiar with the tiny things in the water, I didn´t even brush my teath from the water in the tap...beeing in a new place somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I also wouln´t take the risk
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Since when have the waters in Canada been that bad....I drink it! Richard needs to grow up. If he runs around naked all the time he is going to get a certain body part injured - that must hurt to have a sunburn! I think someone like Kathy or Lex may win the whole thing. They made it close to the end last time they were on and they are fairly quiet. Colby is still fine looking! Jenna (the non winner) really irritates me. I can't believe that she is so dead set against the previous winners making it. I say bring a previous winner to the end with you and you are guarenteed a win. I don't know why Rupert didn't make an alliance with Ethan and Tina - it would have been smarter then going with Jenna. I love that he and Rudy have teamed up, but that may hurt him if rudy starts struggling in competitions. Rupert gave his word to Rudy and I can't see him breaking it.

Can't wait to see tonight's episode.
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I enjoyed last nights show, but I was sorry to see Rudy go. I understand why he was voted out and was proud that Rupert refused to write his name done. Was it just me or did it sound like Rudy threatened the people that voted for him at his final comment?

Haven't all of these challenges been done in one form or another already? Richard is still irritating me, but not as much as Boston Rob! They didn't even show much of that one tribe last night - the one with Colby in it.

What is everyone thinking so far? I thought it was hilarious watching Ethan trying to fish then Rupert goes in and in less then 5 minutes comes back with a fish!
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I missed the second half- Hubby wanted to see The Apprentice so we switched over. I hate when networks do that, put two interesting shows almost side by side so you miss one or the other. We taped Survivor and will watch it later today.
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So far Im not impressed with the show. the last one was so much better. I like Rupert, And Rich is nothing but a blur on the screen,this time a around,wheres the ommph!!!
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I was very very disappointed to see Rudy go. I don't think that was fair of them to vote him off. I like Ethan, too, but I don't think Rudy deserved it. Ady, it DID sound like a threat, didn't it?? I can't stand either one ofthose girls on that team.
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That loud-mouthed Jenna has to GO! She is on my last nerve.

I actually got teary when Rudy got voted off But ya know- how could Jerri being pouring on the water works when she was one of the ones who voted for him AND she had only known him for a few days? Seemed contrived to me.

I can't wait to see Richard and Boston Rob go- they are such jerks
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Rudy is still a winner in my book, he is a true HERO, and is in really good shape for 75 years old. I really wanted him to stay, but do understand that he became a liability to the tribe in physical challenges. He would have been hard to beat if he made it to the final two because he's just so loveable! Rupert gets my vote for sticking to his alliance. Rob and Jenna are sleezy in my opinion, and I can't wait to see them go. Richard is a pompous *&! and should be gone soon, but for now he is quite entertaining. About Sue drinking the water....I think that if I had no other drinking water for three days I would drink a small quantity to see if I could tolerate it. I can't wait until Thursday!
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Richard seemed very disappointed that Rudy was gone - I think that Rudy was they only person he cared about on the show. I can't believe Jenna went on the show in the 1st place. At least she made it home in time. What was with Rupert - Jerri was right about the shelter (for a change I have to say I agreed with Jerri). What did you think of Richard's show down with the shark?
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Bah. Why did Jenna even go in the first place. She knew her mother was ill! She knew her mother was ill LAST time... she did the same thing, cried and wanted to go home.. and she ended up winning a million dollars. You would think after that she'd want to stay home with her mom for the remainder of her time.

Anyway.. I feel bad that Rupert built the worst shelter out there lol. I loved the red teams shelter!!! Glad they won and what nice stuff they won too!
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Rupert built a nice swimming hole! I still can't believe he went for the sunken look near an ocean? What was he thinking-

Mike and I were giggling about the shark that caught richard. Mike said he wished the shark had bitten something else besides the arm! LOL Being the tropics though he could get a nasty infection- We missed the last part of it- the Jenna drama I guess you could say as we switched over to the Apprentice-
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I am so very glad that Jenna went home to be with her mother in her final few days...but I do not think it was because of any "preminition" (sp???) she had...I was discussing this with a good friend if mine who also watches the show and she thinks they contacted Jenna and told her that her mom was doing worse and let her know so she could decide if she wanted to stay or not...but they didn't want us to know she was getting outside info, since that is against the "rules" so they told her not to let on that she had been told...but then she let it slip, and Jeff Probst called her on it...he said "It sounds like you have been getting insider information and I'm sure that's not the case" (because she WAS) and she then remembered she wasn't supposed to let on and said, oh no, it was just a "feeling" I had. But before that she was saying how she knew her mom was doing worse. I'm glad they told her...they should have...but why hide it from us? I cried when they said her mom died 8 days later.
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I just realized I forgot to reply to this thread after the last show. Now you are one ep. ahead of us here (untill Monday), so it´s VERY tempting to read the last posts, but I´m not gonna I would hate to accidentally see that Ethan got voted off... I was sad to see Rudy leave, but his final speach was really strange, it really was like threatening The two girls on that team really need to get voted off!

I really like Big Tom, I wouldnt mind him winning this. I also like Lex, I had mixed feelings about him first time around (on his first Survivor), but seeing that season again in the Survivor Marathon the other day, I liked him. I quess that back then, when he was always winning and was made look not so nice coloured my opinion.
Richard, Rob, Sue and more that I dont remember right now really need to go.
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They hide it Debby because they don't want the public to know that they purposely do things to pump up the ratings, like re-staging conflicts that occur that they miss on camera, and stuff like that-
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I was really hoping that Sue would have been voted off. Last time she was rude, but funny. This time she is just rude. Jerri seemed more human this episode. I am glad that tribe is doing better - go Rupert! I am still in my works' Survivor pool - Kathy better win!

Poor Tom - he sure got banged up alot in the last challenge. Jerri really did well for her group there. Boston rob seems to think he is controlling everything in his group. Alicia better watch her back.
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That dang Boston Rob! Quote: "I haven't decided yet who I'll be voting for tonight, but whoever that person is, they will be the one leaving tonight." He thinks he is soooooo in control of everything. Well he thought so last time also, and SURPRISE...he didn't win!!! (how's that for being in control? I can't stand him even if he is good looking...he's a jerk!!! )

I was glad to see the other Rob go....he's a jerk too. Boy was he surprised!!!

I like Rupert, I also like Richard...he's arrogant, but he IS smart, and he plays the game well, and I like Sue (crabby, but just being herself) and I like Big Tom...I loved his comment.."I'm 48, and old...and I am enjoying watching!!!" (at least he's honest )
I like Lex too, and Ethan and Colby There are a few others I like, but those are the ones that came to mind.
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Ok anyone want to comment on last night's blow up? I can't believe Sue launched at Jeff like that? As if it was his fault? My memory is not great but didn't she make a scene in the Survivor she was in last time? I had to laugh when they said she was going to sue Richard Hatch for 10 million dollars! I mean come on, sure he was lewd with her, but he didn't rape her for pete's sake. He is just a loony nudist with an attitude.
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Should she have been offended? Sure. Should she have brooded and blew up like that to Jeff? No.

She did blow up at the end of the first show - something like "If it was a desert and you were dying, I wouldn't even offer you a glass of water".

I was not sorry to see her go, but that is two "quits" this season - I want games!
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Poor Susan. I didn't really see what happened very well but even if it was just a little (no pun intended ) event, it affected her a lot. I'm glad her tribe was nice to her face at least. Jeff was really nice to her too. He looked like he was really upset for her - AND he didn't act all defensive when she took her anger out on him. Go Jeff!
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Jeff took it better than I would have. Had it been ME she blew up at like that, she probably would have gotten something along the lines of a 'shut up and grow up'.

Sure what Rich did was wrong- WAY wrong, but what the heck made it Jeffs problem? Sue is a supreme Drama Queen and I am SO glad to see her gone.
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Originally posted by Melissa
Jeff took it better than I would have. Had it been ME she blew up at like that, she probably would have gotten something along the lines of a 'shut up and grow up'.

Sure what Rich did was wrong- WAY wrong, but what the heck made it Jeffs problem? Sue is a supreme Drama Queen and I am SO glad to see her gone.
I couldn't agree more!!!
Yes, what Rich did was crappy....I wouldn't have like it either if he had rubbed himself against me like that...but I would not have gotten THAT upset....geez...I would have shrugged it off and went on...especially when I knew he was gone already. To quit the game and possibly lose a million dollars because of it seems to me like a cop out.
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I think Sue blew the whole thing way out of proportion. It's not like Richard was going after her in a sexual way or anything ... he probably did it knowing how she'd react afterwards, even though it was wrong. I think had some jerk had tried to do something like that to me, he'd be in some real pain.
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I would have pushed him in the water were it me. I saw her and Hatch on a talk show and they were all laughing and saying it was no big deal all was forgiven-
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