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My cat is half dog!!!

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I swear my cat Summer is half dog. She LOVES to have her belly scratched, drinks out of the toilet (and will run when she hears the toilet flush just to watch it), but the last few mornings have taken the cake...she has woken us up (like usual) and (as usual) I don't get up right away to give her the attention she wants after getting only 5 hours of sleep...she usually meows, purrs, and walks all over us. Well, today and yesturday, she licked my face!!! She does lick my hands someimes when I pet her...but THIS?!?!

Does anyone else think I have a strange kitty on my hands? I grew up with cats and even kittens (which can also be very funny) but is this normal for a 2 year ols spayed female?
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Your situation sounds very much like ours. Our youngest cat Tigger, behaves in the same manner as some of the dogs that I have had as a child. She loves to play fetch, chews on tennis balls, and also enjoys waking me up in the middle of the night with lots of licks. She has also become very vocal this last year. She is also a 2 1/2 year old spayed female cat. I enjoy it very much and try to play with her as much as possible so she doesn't take out her extreme behavior on our other 2 cats. My husband, on the other hand, not so much, he thinks that she's crazy!!!
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Yeah, something must be up with that age for our female kitties. She'll be 3 in September. Summer doesn't chew on things, but she IS very playful! She's funny. My boyfriend also thinks our cat is nuts, he especially doesn't like the alarm clock part of it...who can bllame him? I thought about getting another kitty. What do you think she would be like then?
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I've got one of those cats. Jordan, loves to play fetch, lately he's taken to droping a sparkle ball on my hand in the middle of the night in the hopes I'll throw it for him. He loves to chew on greenies (my other cat Levi chews on card board all the time). Jordan even ate a dog biscut at the vets office. The vet gave him a little piece to distract him saying, "he won't eat it, but it will take his attention off me." Sure enough he at what she gave him so she broke the rest up & put it in front of him & he ate it all. I love it when he does this stuff, because it's what makes him my Jor Jor Binks. (I call Levi my Lever 2000)
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I think Stumpy is a dog sometimes. We lost our 14 year old dog about a year ago and just recently adopted 2 puppies (Sam on 1/31 and Spike over the weekend). Stumpy would sleep, groom and play with the dogs. Stumpy played like part dog, part cat, and the dogs would play back part cat, part dog.

Stumpy immediately wanted to play with Sam, who was just a little over zealous with his play. Stumpy would smack him around until Sam calmed down, then he would do a full head-butt body rub down the length of Sam's body. If Sam calmed down, Stumpy would reward him by laying on his back to play with him. I could tell it was frustrating him cause Sam was treating him like a puppy rather than showing the respect that our alpha boy deserved.

Enter Spike on Saturday. Stumpy walked up to Spike and Spike licked his head. The next day Stumpy walked up to Spike and laid down on his back in front of him. They both licked each other. This morning, Stumpy does the same thing, but looks over at Sam as if to say...."see this....this is how you are supposed to be treating me!". He turns back to Spike and starts licking him again, turns to Sam to watch him, turns back to Spike and so on.

Stumpy is actually training the puppies to play how he wants to play. This boy continues to amaze me!!
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I have a few cats like that. I would caution you though not to let your cat drink out of the toilet though. Perhaps instead you can invest in a Drinkwell fountain for her?
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Mt kittens and one cat all started drinking out of the toilet. I have to be sure I put the lid down after one of them fell in. I have a towel rack on the door so it doesnt close all the way. My kittys come running and push the door open when they hear the running water (or the sound of something else!) They like to watch the toliet flush and the bath water running (but they hate getting wet).

They also do everything your cat does as well and I have cats of all different ages. My mom's cat fetches also.
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Stumpy sounds like a smart kitty....yeah, I keep the lid closed, my boyfriend forgets though. I don't have any toilet bowl freshners or anything chemical on my toilet, I just clean it. She is too funny, last week my boyfriend got a new lap top, and while he was sitting on the couch with the mouse on the box it came in, Summer crawled in there and slept...what a silly kitty!

We love her though, and can't picture our lives without her
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I think alot of cats have some of those behaviors...... far as the toilet we have to keep the lid down because Newman loves to play in the toilet water, and he splashes it every where...lol
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For Christmas this year we got a petmate freshflow and the cats love it. At first I was a little worried because you think that it would make a bit of noise or something....but it's quieter than a mouse. Ever since we got it the cats have seemed not to interested in sink water or water from a glass. Now if only I knew how to get them to stop begging for food!!
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Mozart licks our faces all the time, always in the middle of the night, to wake us up. If that fails, he will then NIP our noses or shoulders. After he has woken us up, he will then settle down on top of us with an audible sigh to go straight to sleep. Of course by now we're wide awake.
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Around here it's our dog who acts like a cat!
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