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Taiwan Members?

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I'm going to Taiwan in about 20 some days, and I wanted to know if any of you are from there?

I am planning on getting a cat, but as many of you know, cats are not as popular of a pet as they are here. I am worried I won't be able to pamper it with toys, treats, and food. Also I would like to get a purebred also, and I was wondering what the shelters are like there (if they even have them), or the amount of cat breeders that are available.

I asked KateAng, but both her kitties are feral and she's in Singapore
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BUMPing for you. Good luck in finding a cat, I thought asian countries treated cats wonderfully?

Maybe I'm mistaken.
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They sure don't eat them (as far as I know)

But Dogs are still the pet of choice.
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Do not worry, the only place that I know of that cats are eaten is at some annual local festivity celebrated once a year in a valley in central Peru.

Anyway, the worse that you may find is that it may be a dog oriented society, meaning that people like more dogs as pets as such, and less attention is put to stray cats and there are more people who don't like them but Puerto Rico and most of the caribbean is the same case.

The selection on cat food and cat toys may be different, such as different brands and products, but I doubt that there will be any real difficulty obtaining products and vet assistance. Taiwan is one of most advanced countries of the far east.

Here in Puerto Rico there is less selection on certain pet related products, as Petsmart and Petco do not exist here, but in such cases I then order them on the web.
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