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Double Homicide & 2 Stabbed above our heads!

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Last night at approx 10:45 pm I was downstairs cooking a late dinner for Craig. Craig was up here.. doing some final packing.. in the apartment above us we heard a lot of noise.. which is rather unusual. Craig came running downstairs and immediately asked if I heard it. It sounded like people fighting or something. I nodded.. and since it wasn't effecting us went about my business with cooking.

About 10 minutes later the parking lot of the complex was flooded with authorities. There were between 9 and 12 police cars, 3 ambulances, and 2 fire trucks. I looked out the window.. saw that.. and though "Hmm there are here because of what just went on above us"

I was right. We saw them bring out two little toddlers that appeared to be ok (Thank God) and a woman... along with two other male's that looked to be in their mid 20's. The two men were stabbed.. one in the leg the other on the hip.

Waking up this morning.. there were reporters and news crews outside our apartment in the parking lot. There were there ALL day long. Craig called me from work to let me know what was on the news since we don't have cable here.

Apparently it was an 'intended' robbery. The woman and kids were bound and gagged and thrown in the bed and covered with a sheet. There were 4 males involved. Apparently one was considered a friend and stopped to visit.. and when he went to leave a man with a machete (sp) forced his way in demanding the money. The guy that was visiting was actually in on the robbery.

One of the men in on the robbery took the woman and children.. bound and gagged em and covered them with a sheet. While he was upstairs doing this.. the other man, who had a gun was demanding money.. once he got the safe he set his gun down. One of the victims who got stabbed grabbed the gun.. and there ended up being a struggle. One robbery was shot. The other robber came downstairs. 911 was called by one of the victims and another struggle occured. This robber was also shot.. but not without first cutting open both of the male victims.

All of this happened above my head. *shudder* Monday there was also a robbery in these apartments. I'm so glad we are moving out on Friday.. this is so scary. Craig has informed me that I am not to leave the apartment alone or answer the door unless I know the person behind it.

Two days and we are leaving this chaos.
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Oh, Cassie, how horrible! No wonder you are moving. I'd be staying in a hotel right now! I'll light a candle for you for protection. May your new home be safe and peaceful.
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Oh mY gosh! That is absolutley horrible. Stay safe, and I'm glad to hear that you are moving from there.
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Oh my gosh.... how horrible to have something happen especially where you live! The good thing is that you and Craig and your furkids are safe and are leaving!!
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wow, that is scary! Do as Craig told you until you leave! I am glad you're out of this place soon - I hope the new place is a lot safer.
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Cassie I am so glad you are moving and will hopefully be in a safer environment. It is a worry to live in a place where something like that happened as well.
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Thank God you guys are okay and it's only two more days!!! Be safe and be careful!
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Cassie and Craig; I join everyone in saying "Thank God you are safe and moving out of that building and whole neighborhood!" Please, be very careful 'til then.

I shall be praying for your safe Exodus. :egypt:

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Please stay safe - I know you are packing up the kitchen today in prep for moving tomorrow - I will add you to my prayers for a safe move and happy home!
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Cassie - What a terrible thing to have happen so close to you. It's really scary when bad things happen so close to home, the place where you should be able to feel safe. I'm glad you're getting to move out this week. Just don't answer the doors and stay inside with everything locked.
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Cassie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO glad that you are okay!!!!!! I can't imagine having something like that happen right above my head, but then again, I live in rural Iowa, so even though I know these things happen all the time, it never really seems to hit home, until it happens so close to someone you know and care about (like you!!)

I am glad you are moving out of there!!! And I am glad you are safe!
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