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Oh my - poor baby - I sending healing prayer to your little one!!!!

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It is best to protect your cat’s vulnerable bits with a sunscreen containing titanium dioxide, which is insoluble in water and safe for cats.

For our european memebers it's a product called Sun E-45 is non-toxic to cats and offers UVA/UVB protection.

Haven't found anything like this in the US.
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I'll be thinking of Marshmallow tomorrow. Loves and healthy vibes to him, and ((((HUGS)))) to you Jillian for being such a great Mommy to this little guy who I'm sure still remembers not even having a home, let alone all of the love and care you are giving him!
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I think I am the luckiest girl alive.

The vet at UPenn called at 1230p... He said that during his surgical rounds that he had become aware of a new treatment.

It's a lazer treatment of some sort. Marshmallow will be given a drug... the cancer cells absorb most of the drug... then, 3 days later, when a lazer is projected on his nose, I guess the cancer cells illuminate and can be burned and killed by the lazer.

So... we're going to try it! It may have to be repeated, but hopefully, we'll get it all the first time.

And since it costs a fraction of what the surgery would..
Jamie, I only need $400 now!

Ahhh... I'm so happy! Thank God for His favors, and thank TCS for its board magic. (=

With love and thanks,
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Oh - what a relief!!!!!! See, Good thing do happen to good people and kitties! My prayers will continue for both of you
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Praying for fast healing and the cancer to be gone for marshmellow
He is so cute
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That is wonderful news, I am so happy for Marshmallow!
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This is wonderful news . And he get to keep his nose too
Let us know when this will take place , so we all can keep praying and thinking of both of you .
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Oh Jillian that is wonderful news! So when does he take the medicine and then go for the laser treatment?

Still thinking about you both. . .
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Oh, that makes me so happy! I just talked to Jillian (I hate not having internet access at work *sigh*) and found out about all this. I believe the drug will be administered on Friday, but Jill can tell you for sure. (I really was listening, I was really just hung up on the fact he wouldn't have his nose removed.) I hope this procedure will work for Marshy and that he'll be rid of the cancer for good.
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Oh Happy Day!
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Fantastic news!!! I will be hoping that the procedure works perfectly for Marshmallow!!
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Great news for Marshmallow! And for you too. He's such a pretty kitty. I'm happy for you both and pray that he responds to this alternate treatment!
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See? TCS vibes really do work! YAY for Marshmellow! I love him!
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That's excellent news, I really hope he gets better soon and that this new treatment works, good vibes going your way!!

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Sending more good vibes to Marshmallow!!!!!!!!

btw when did you get another cat??? He's so cute!!!
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It's definitely worth a try. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works!
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Great news--will keep praying for you both
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What a great procedure to find out about!! Keeping fingers crossed that it'll all be eradicated first time around.
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I just seen this! Poor lil guy! Hopefully the laser surgery will work & he'll be free from cancer. Sending mega thoughts, vibes & prayers your way Jillian!

Oh..and hugs too!
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I really hate having to post this...

Apparently this new procedure isn't going to work for Marshmallow... the laser won't penetrate deep enough to do much good. And unfortunately, the surgery is no longer an option. The cancer is spreading and there isn't a clean-cut line where the cancer could all be removed. So the only option now is to do radiation. Marshy went through the first round today and came home this evening. He'll be treated as an outpatient once a week for the next three weeks.

The radiation won't save him though... it's just going to give him a bit more time, and the medication he's on will alleviate the pain. I feel so terrible about the whole thing.

I'm sure Jillian will post more about what's going on when she can. She's been busy with school/work and caring for Marshy (and Graham).

Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts for my little nephew. He really is a sweet little guy. I wish this wasn't happening.
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Oh no! I am so sorry. Marshmallow and Jillian are in my thoughts.

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Noooo!!! I am so sorry Jillian. Marshmellow is lucky to have a mom who cares so much and is doing so much to help him. I'll be thinking of you guys through this difficult time.
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OMG, I'm so sorry to hear that!! (((((HUGS)))) to Jillian and Marshmallow. Poor baby...I was hoping so much for this to work for him, like everyone here.

Jillian, I know this must be a horribly difficult time for you. You know you can always come here and pour your heart out if you need to. We will do everything we can to support you.

And give Marshy some extra loves from me, OK? Hold him close and cherish every moment you have with this special little boy, because he certainly cherishes his wonderful Mommy!
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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that!

Many hugs to you guys!
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Bummest of Bummers.... Still keeping Marshmallow and Jillian in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh no I am so sorry to read this Poor Marshmallow !! I do hope he will be able to continue to enjoy life even with radiation. Is he very old? ((((((((((( Hugs all around )))))))))))
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Ohhh noooooo . I am so sorry to hear that ((((((HUGS))))))
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Oh no! Hugs to Marshmellow and Mommy. I'll keep thinking of them.
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Jillian and Marhmallow {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

it is with a very heavy heart that I sit here and read this tonight I am so sorry that you both have to go through this. All of my babies and myself are sending you both hugs,scratches and prayers
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