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Marshmallow's surgery

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Well, tomorrow I take Marshmallow to Philly for surgery because the skin cancer has presented itself on his nose. He's going to have to have most of his nose removed, but the vet is really confident that the removal will be successful in stopping the spread of the cancer. Plus, this way he won't have to go through numerous rounds of radiation.

Acutally, he won't go into surgery until Wednesday, so if anyone could spare some thoughts around then, we'd all appreciate it.

*sigh*... poor little guy.
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sending my favourite guy mega positive vibes!!!

hey baby, get well soon and i'll send meow meow down to play with you!!
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Mega vibes are coming from me and the girls for Marshmellow.... Non cancer vibes also.
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Oh, that poor baby!! Thank goodness he has a wonderful Mommy to take care of him now.

Sending major good and healthy vibes to Marshmallow. He's such a little doll baby!
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Best of luck to Marshmallow and prayers of strength to you-
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Oh no! I thought the cancer was all gone! I am sending positive and healing thoughts to Marshmallow!
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We hoped the cancer was gone also. When he had his ear removed, the vet cauderized a few cuts on his nose, b/c she thought that it might end up being more cancer. He has been sneezing for over 2 months like crazy, and a few weeks ago we took him to UPenn for some tests, and his biopsy came back positive for the cancer. On the upside, he's healthy otherwise. There's no indication of it having moved into his chest or head, so it seemed silly to not go ahead with the surgery. I'm just hoping it goes off without a hitch.

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts (=
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Oh poor guy!! I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I really hope he pulls out ok!!

(((((((((( hugs )))))))))))
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Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear this Jillian. I'll definitely be thinking of you and poor Marshmellow and hoping for good results after surgery. Take care both of you!
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Just a tip for those of you with pure white cats. They are very susceptible to sarcoma and one way you can prevent this is to put sunblock for cats on them. You can buy this special sunblock at The Ferret Store, and once you receive it, take it in to your local pet and or feed store and see if they can order it for you. It will help prevent the heartache that Jillian has to go through from happening to you.
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Looks like I will need to get some for Kahu - I looked at the Ferret Store and I cannot find this sunblock - do you know the name of it?
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Sending loving thoughts and prayers for Marshmallow.
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Oh no , I am so sorry to hear about Marshmallow's canser . My heart is going out to you ((((((HUGS)))))) .

I sure will pray for your baby
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Jillian, I'm new to Marshmallow's story, but he is a GORGEOUS kitty, and obviously has a very, very caring mommy! We have a white kitty (Flowerbelle) that had terribly sunburnt ears when rescued, and because of Marshmallow I now know we need to keep an eye on this.

Of course you and Marshmallow will be in my prayers!

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Kellye, that makes me sad, it was good stuff and lick-proof. You can use kid sunblock of nothing stronger than 15 and put it on the tips of the ears and the nose. I will look around and see if I still have the bottle, because I can't recall the name of it right at the moment- just that it was safe for cats.
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Jillian, you are truly an for rescuing Marshmallow and giving him a good, loving home!

Lots of positive healing vibes are on the way.
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I'll be keeping Marshmallow in my thoughts. Don't forget to mail me with any info from the doctor.
to my sweet nephew
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I am sending my thoughts and prayers as well!
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Praying for the success of the surgery and the end of the cancer.Poor Marshmallow!
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OMG! Poor Marshmellow.. Sending many prayers his way! Please keep us posted. Good luck!!

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Aww Marshmallow I'm so sorry. How much of the nose will be removed? the whole thing or just the tip?

I'll be thinking of you lots until it's all over Marshmallow.
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I think most of his nose is going to be removed. From what I've read, they'll try to remove a bit of the area surrounding the tumor that isn't infected with the cancer so that they're sure they got it all.

... Thanks everyone. I have to get his carrier and his blankie ready now, so I'm going to jet.
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Poor Marshmallow. I hope he heals up soon, poor baby.

Sending him a headbutt from Rosie.
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You're in my thoughts.
*scritches and purrs*

Jill, if you need anything, let me know.
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Sending thoughts for poor ole'Marshmellow.
If his nose is being removed (!) how will get on. I mean I know he will be able to breath and all that but is this going to be difficult and will it 'scab' over. Though as long as he pulls through it all okay I guess you will all cope.
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Sending warm fuzzies for Marshmallow.

Yellow/orange kitties have the same problem. My older girl Penny had cancer on her ears and nose when she died. The vet just said she was too old to operate so they didn't want to do anything drastic (she was 17 when they found it and 19 when she died).
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They're going to have to remove pretty much all of his nose and a good portion of skin on either side of it as well (in hopes of getting rid of all of the cancerous cells). He should be able to breath just fine, although I'm under the impression that his sense of smell is going to be affected. The vet said that he's going to look kind of 'pig-like', with two small holes and what is left of his nose (almost like a snout, but up higher on his face). It makes me sad that he has to go through this, but he'll fare better afterwards. He is at the hospital now and will go in for surgery tomorrow morning. I won't be able to bring him home until at least Thursday morning.


... thanks Jamie... how bout 2G? *wink*

Thanks again, everyone.
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Poor Marshmallow. U of P has a very good reputation, though, so I'm sure he'll be okay. So what if he looks odd - the main thing is that they get it all. A friend has just had to have both ears of one of her cats amputated for the same reason.
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Jillian- my prayers are with both of you.
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Poor Marshmallow! Me and the girls are sending "mega healing vibes"!!

(((Get Well Soon Marshmallow)))
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