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Cat survives gunshot to face

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This poor girl (Fiona) was deliberatley shot thru the face from above while she looked up at the person who did it. She has had facial reconstructive surgery and the rescue group is looking for donations to help pay the medical costs (estimated at $2,100). Information about this girl and where you can make a donation is at this website.

Her story will bring a tear to your eyes! She has been purring throughout this entire ordeal. I will warn you that some of the pictures are graphic.

Thanks all!
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That is so horrifying. I feel so bad that someone shattered the cat's trust in addition to shattering her face.
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OMG that is terrible! I hope whoever shot her rots in hell!

I hope she recovers fully
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Another stupid person with a pellet gun. Who buys these things!!! More animals die due to unsupervised kids with "harmless" pellet guns than you might think.
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Why do people have to go so low like that and hurt a inocent animal who cant fight back . I am just so mad and the sad thing is people will do it again and again .
I remember about 2 years ago one of my oudoor cats were also shot with one of those darn weapons . I am just thankful it was a clear shot through the leg and no damage was done besite the open wound . To this day I think it was my neighbours son a 14 year old teenager , but I cant proove it .
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It reminds me of a case that happened here a few months ago - someone shot a cat with a bow and arrow and she still had the arrows sticking out of her when her owners found her - she was taken to the vet and operated on, she will be okay but they hve not caught the person who did this
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Oh that makes me terribly sick. I hope that sweet little girl recovers fully and finds a good family to take care of her.
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Im speechless horrified sick omg

would this org consider pay pal do you know? I can only send a little but Id like it to get there ASAP
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Dana - I've PM'd you. I will e-mail the sponsoring group tonight to verify that they can take paypal for Fiona.

Thanks! This is just too horrible for words!
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Please send me the PayPal information as well
Sick to my stomach
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Ditto for me as well about the paypal info---i would like to help....
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All i need is a 10' square locked room, the maniac who did this, and me with a baseball bat and a priest to give this person the last rites, beacause i swear down, no matter who they are, how old they are, i could'nt give a monkeys!.

An eye for eye is what i say!!

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I e-mailed the folks that are doing the collection last night and they don't have a paypal set up yet that you can designate to the Fiona Fund. They have a paypal collection system, just no way to designate a specific cat, so therefore any donations will go to a general fund. They are trying to set it up, but not sure when it will be available (this all happened to fast for them).

The only online alternative is to go to their donation page, scroll down to the botton where you can sponsor a cat, and specify Fiona Fund. You would have to enter all your name, address, and credit card information on that page. I assume it is a secure page.

The web site for the agency taking the donations is: I just went there and they have Fiona's story headlined. You can click on the donation button and it will direct you to the correct page.

You are all so wonderful for taking an interest in this girl! I will post updates as I receive them as she heals over the next few months!
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The link is as follows:

In addition to my donation I sent an email to:
to make sure that it goes to helping Fiona's specific case

Gosh I really hope she makes it and finds a loving home

Sorry to sound vengeful but I hope that criminal gets his just deserts

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Originally posted by c1atsite

In addition to my donation I sent an email to:
to make sure that it goes to helping Fiona's specific case

They responded with this:
"Hi Alex. I have forwarded your email to Melody to let her know that that money goes directly to Fiona. Thank you soooooo very much for donating to this poor & oh so sweet baby. We have received your payment & it will be applied directly to her care."
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This is from the woman who rescued Fiona. Fiona made TV coverage last night in Kansas City!!

Hello. Fiona was a star on the local news last night. Channel 9 made her into a full-length story and gave her great coverage (never mind the human in the story -- it was supposed to be me, but I didn't recognize myself). Did you all hear Fiona purring during the interview? She was nestled against the mike and I heard her soft
burring sound when I was watching the news. She purred the whole time. She is also very alert and perky, a good sign that she is getting well. A week has passed since her surgery and, with no sign of infection, it looks like she will get well and live a long, full life.

I understand donations are pouring in through Pay Pal. We will provide this community with a full disclosure of moneys received. All excess will be set aside for Fiona's second surgery (she may need to have the hole closed in her muzzle, approx. $600) and, if she doesn't need it, we will revert the surplus fund to the emergency care of cats in the care of Pet Connection. There is one kitty with
internal injuries substained after he was thrown out of a car who may need surgery to repair him.

Thanks M___ for all the hard work you did to get this kitty on TV. Thanks B__ for getting Fiona to me so that she could make her TV debut (and thanks K___ for taking such good care of her!). And thanks to Fiona for being such a brave survivor. Also, thanks to Dr. L___ for the beautiful work she did to heal this kitty. Fiona
looked tons better on TV last night than she did when I first got her.

Thanks T___ for updating and managing Fiona's website and thanks to all of you who have sent prayers and good wishes in Fiona's direction.

We will keep you updated with progress reports.

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So good to hear that Fiona is on her way to recovery and hopefully have a good life from now on . Great to see that people care and are willing to help finacialy . I am so happy for Fiona
Thanks for the up date Momofmany .
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From her rescuer (who used her mortgage money to fund the initial surgery):

xI received an update on Fiona last night after her visit to the vet. In just two weeks since surgery:

Her stitches have been removed and Fiona is eating with her mouth. Apparently she is a chow-hound and gobbles up food (Science Diet AD added with water) like a little monkey. Her intact jaw is moving to center itself and she may need some teeth trimmed to keep them from damaging her palate and gum. Otherwise, she will be able to eat and live a normal, healthy life.

The hole in her nose and healed and will require no surgury.

No signs of infection. She will go another week with antibiotics and then the feeding tube will be removed.

She is active, rambunctious, happy, playful.

Fiona needs to be placed in a non-rescue home as she is more liable to get upper respistory infection due to the damage in her nose. She should not be exposed to a lot of cats or new cats coming and going....

She will be ready for adoption in about 2 weeks. She is still isolated, though the youngster cat Hank has been allowed to visit her on occassion and she does okay with him.

Fiona is a miracle. Her life and survival is a miracle. The response from the community was amazing and to date we have raised $1,400. I can pay my mortgage now and it's not yet late!

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers, suggestions, donations....I will get a new picture of the healed Fiona to you soon. Cyn
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I am so happy for her , I needet some good news today .
Thanks for up dating us .
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What brilliant news!!
Bless her, i would have loved to hear her purr!.

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give me that pellet gun and I'd show the SOB pain.........right where the sun don't shine!!!!
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