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I have done the perfume, vanilla and wiping faces trick to make them smell the same. I've spread out the feeding, play and litter areas; I've tried isolation but still have trouble with Big Gray's aggression/boredom? He's loud and up at night causing trouble and making noise. My other 3 cats are afraid of him and they were here first. Maybe he has cabin fever from being inside during this winter. He was a lost/abondoned/stray cat and his victim is another male/neutered outside/lost etc. cat. I think Big Gray wants to play but everyone is afraid. He also likes to terrorize, I think. All the tricks I've tried haven't worked. I also use Feliway spray and room atomizer and have "calming drops" I put in their water. I'm the one that needs the drops. I also play classical and/or soft jazz on the radio, in another room, at night. I play before bedtime, feed them before bedtime (to fill them up) and things are the same. Once in a while I have been able to be disturbed less often but I am exhaused from jumping in and out of bed to see what's going on. Should I simply persist and, if so, for how long until I see a change? I also am trying the dominant on the back hold, when appropriate. Help and thanks.