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Hello I'm New

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I'm new to this board I have a 17lb cat named Sassy and he's one great big baby and I love him to death.

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Welcome! Do you have any pictures??
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and enjoy your stay
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Welcome to you and Sassy!! I hope you enjoy your time here.
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Hi Sassy, welcome to the site
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Welcome to TCS. I love the big cats (I have 2 of my own)
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Hello everybody, I just joined this group because I enjoy cats as much as you do. This seems pretty fun. I have 5 cats, the girls kisses and hootie. the boys tigger, bonesie and inky. they are so cute and doing well. they hang out outside during yhe day and come in at evening or night so they can sleep warmer. It gets to be really cold here in southern Colorado last night -15 or 20 below. I feel sorry for pets that have to stay out 24-7. I hope to get a digital cam soon so I can create them a web site! I love the music for saudi's webpage and saudi is a cute cat too. bye for now. hootiecat
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Hootiecat and nice meeting you
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Welcome MyCatSassy and hootiecat!
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Welcome and enjoy.

Do you have any pics?

Love to see them.
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Hello and welcome!!!
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Welcome to0 the site Sassy
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