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biting ears while you're sleeping

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My daughter has a cat that's about7 months old. She's had cats all her life but never one like this. He will go to sleep with her but then nibble on her ears during the night. She has to put him out of the bedroom. Then he cries all night. She has started putting him in the other bedroom at night so she can sleep. This cat has never been abused but is afraid of everyone but her. He's been around other cat friendly people but won't have anything to do with them. He also tears her miniblinds up. She is going broke replacing them. Finally gave up but the apartment manager told her they look bad. Any suggestions? He will also eat until he's sick so she can only put out small amounts of food at a time. He's different that's for sure. Any advice will be appreciated.
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He actually sounds pretty normal. Tell her to add lemon juice to her hand lotion and put some of the mixture on her ears before she goes to bed at night. The miniblinds is normal- there is a thread on here where members show off their miniblinds- it's pretty funny actually. I'll see if I can find the link maybe it will make you feel better.
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Awwwwwww!, id love Rosie to nibble my ears!!
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As annoying as it might be, he just loves his mamma and wants her to wake up and play with him! My cat Simon pulls my hair if I don't get up when he thinks I should.

Hissy's idea about lemon is a good one.
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I ust to have a cat that nibble too!! Tootie god bless her soul we miss her... There are some cats that do that. We also had a cat that drowled around hair..all the time.
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