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Bedtime antics

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For some time, Buddy has been challenging Opie, for the dominant male position, in the household. If pushed, far enough, Opie will discipline Buddy and send him scurrying.

Last night, Buddy beat me to bed and, once I settled in, he snuggled against my hip. Suddenly, Opie appeared next to my shoulder and prepared to stake out his usual spot. Buddy emitted a loud hiss, Opie spun around and slapped Buddy alongside the head. Buddy quickly vacated the room and Opie settled in, with a smug look on his face.

Opie's victory didn't last long. The ACTUAL dominant male of the house managed to get my undivided attention and Opie departed, in a huff. I was forgiven, though. When I briefly woke up, about 2:30 a.m., Opie was back, purring and snoring on my shoulder.

I don't know why Buddy persists - Opie is not about to give up his position. Buddy is a big ball of fluff, with no claws - HOW intimidating can he BE?
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