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Hey Big Kat!

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I see there's a new addition to your signature!! A friend for Autumn?

Please - give us the scoop on the new bunny!!
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LOL Heidi - good eye!! You're right - we have a new furry addition that hops and wiggles it's nose and loves carrots!

Meet Uno - the one-eyed bunny!

This sweet little boy has a story with a very sad beginning and a very happy ending. I volunteer at the SPCA Wildlife Center and they got a call last week from a vet who said he found an injured bunny in a box on his clinic doorstep when he arrived at work that morning. He didn't know who the owner was, and wanted to surrender it to the SPCA. The WC doesn't handle domestic rabbits, the main shelter does, but the staff girl who took the call is a "bunny person" so she decided to drive out and take a look anyway. Turns out the little guy has a ruptured eye, and the vet said he either needed surgery asap or to be pts because it would be inhumane to let him go any longer in the high state of pain he most likley was in. So the staff girl explained that the SPCA doesn't put any money towards medical costs for rabbits so he would be pts if she took him, and suggested that if he could do the surgery then possibly he could be adopted after. The vet didn't want anything to do with the bunny since there was no known owner to pay, and said he wanted her to take him, even knowing he would be an automatic put down. Anyway, she took him and ended up paying for the surgery herself. I happened to be volunteering when he was due to be picked up from surgery and as soon as I saw him with his little stitched up eye like a broken teddy bear I just melted and knew I would adopt him! I had been hoping to find a friend for Autumn at some point, and so now I have one! His eye should heal and the stiches will be removed and the fur will just grow to cover it we think. He already gets along great with Autumn and is a very sweet and loving boy!

Here are a few more pics - not very good but my digital is broken. Thanks for asking Heidi!

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Awwwww, what a lovely story!, and they look so cute together.
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What a great story! Uno looks like a real sweetie, and it's nice that Autumn has a new furry friend to scamper about with.
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What a beautiful bunny! Bless you for taking her in and that woman for caring when the vet wouldn't!
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Awww they are adorable
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they look so adorable together!
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A friend for Autumn!

Uno is sooooooooo cute! I love bunnies so much,especially white ones!!!!

Thanks for the morning aaws.
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