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Hi there!

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My name is Kay, I am soon to be 39 and I am from the UK. I have had lots of cats during my childhood years and since I have had a place of my own. At one time I had 7 (4 being kittens from a rescued cat that I did not know was pregnant at the time). A number of years and moves later, I am down to 1 of my originals, "Lace" is now 16 years old, and 2 delightful Tabby cats who are just over 18 months Rascal (Razz for short) and Jazz. It's amazing how their names suit them. When I get the hang of pictures etc I will let you see them. I have never been a member of a forum before, so forgive me if I am a little slow!

Anyway, cats are not the only love of my life ("Whats that" ? I hear you say) - well yes I have to admit it, I have a husband, 2 children and an eight month old Springer Spaniel, who thought that he was a cat for the first few months of his life and who has settled in with the rest of the family very well.

I hope that I can find some good info and chats here and look forward to e-meeting you all!

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Welcome to TCS! This is a priceless place and very friendly and relaxing.

What do you mean by the dog thinking he was a cat?
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Trying to curl up on the cushions in the lounge, looking rather concerned when the cat disappeared over the fence in the garden and all he could do was just watch, trying to get in the litter tray and joined in their rough and tumble games. Now he is a bit bigger, he still joins in the rough and tumble, but has seemed to accept the fact that he can't follow them over the garden wall, onto the kitchen table etc. It is great to see how Razz greets Toby (thats his name) in the morning, Razz has even taken to finishing off Toby's breakfast, with Toby looking on!

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Welcome to the site Kay!! Glad you found us! Sounds like you have a wonderful family - furry and non-furry.
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Hello Kay!Glad you could join us
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and enjoy your stay
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Welcome, Kay...I think you'll find this a fine place to be...all the info you want, and a great community. Your family, fur and otherwise sounds great.
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Hi and welcome to the board Kay as well as to your family - furred and human.

Relax and take your time. People here are friendly and are willing to give some helpful hints if you need some help.
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Hi and welcome to furries and non furries alike.
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Welcome to the site Kay, you will love it!!
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Hello from Minnesota.... :flash: and WELCOME TO YOU....
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Thank you all for a great welcome. I have tried to attach a picture of Toby and Razz - as you can see they get on fine. I think at this point Toby was trying to muscle in on Razz's cushion.

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Welcome to TCS, your pets are lovely and look very content. Can't wait to see more.
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Sorry, the picture looks rather blurred. It wasn't like that originally, I will try another approach at a later date.
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Welcome to TCS
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