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Cod Liver Oil

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Now my puss has been diagnosed as FIV+ I've been reading about natural supplements to add to their food. I've read that cod liver oil can help provide essential vitamins to boost the immune system. Trouble is there is no indication of frequency, method of giving it to puss or measures.

has anyone heard of this or used vitamins etc? and if so, how do i go about it?

i don't want to do anything without knowign what I'm doing!
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I tried using cod liver oil for awhile, my cat has lymphoma and to be honest, he wouldn't touch his food. I gave him 1/2tsp once a day in some wet cat food. I am also trying to get him to eat Spirulina as initial research with it is very promising for cancer patients. Again, he knows that the spirulina is in his food and won't go near it. It's pretty vile smelling. Here is a link to my original post

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claire your best bet is to ask your vet. Where you live you would probably be better with fish oil instead of cod liver oil. But again, ask your vet.
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I have 5 cats that are fel leukemia positive. They got it from their mother during nursing.
When I found out they were positive, a few of them got very sickly. I did TONS of research on the internet because my vet offered little hope. I realized that I was on my own with this.
Here is what I gave them. Pet Tinic- a vitamin supplement, it is packed with B vitamins. Mega C- great supplement. the website is www.belfield.com. this doctor has wonderful hope with fel positive cats. and also another supplement called DMG. I gave all of this 2 x's a day for about 2 months. Plus they were on a good food. They are now healthy active beautiful cats. you would never know they have it. I plan to have them retested soon.

If you would like more information on any of these supplements please email me at hmself@midsouth.rr.com.

Good Luck!
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