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That is one lucky cat. Or maybe it's one of nine down.

My stomach did a flip-flop when I saw the title of the thread, and started reading. It's over 11 years ago now, but I still remember how I felt when I saw our precious Norbert under our own garage door, long gone. He was one very, very special fellow to us, and his sudden tragic end had us upset and weeping for months. It also changed our attitude toward letting our furball friends be outdoors without supervision.

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We had a cat that didnt make it thru a garage door incident also, but we had a neighbor whose cat was out for about 3 hours under the door by his neck and it lived--how I dont know. He seemed more insulted at the attack than he was injured. I hope the woman isnt beating herself up too badly on not opening the door immediately I know I would have thought the same as she did when she heard the noises.

I found the best way to test the garage door is to do the "house appraisal" test. The man that came to appraise my parents house did this. Put a roll of paper towels under the door and shut it. It should bounce back open and not smash the roll at all.

Get well soon Snuggles!!
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Oh my - POOR Snuggles.

I hope he gets on that road to recovery very, very soon.

There are so many dangers out there for kitties - I'm now at the point when I get a lurch in my stomach every time I see a kitty roaming outside coz the cars whizz around SO quickly and there so many nutters out there that are just looking to either steal or to harm animals.

I'll keep Snuggles and Ann in my thoughts.
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I am EXTREMELY sad to report that Snuggles passed away this evening. From what I understand, the damage she sustained to her esophagus was beyond repair. Ann just left my house devastated, trying to explain what happened... I wish I could tell you all more.

It seems that all we are left to learn from this tragedy is to remember one of the many dangers that our babies our subjected to being out doors.

All I can say is that Ann needs your prayers tonight.

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Oh, my heart goes out to your friend Ann! Poor Snuggles, may the sweet kitty rest in peace, and frolick at the Rainbow Bridge until she can be reunited with Ann.

The best tribute we can pay to Snuggles is to take heed of her tragedy, and be aware of the dangers that are all around us for our beloved feline family.
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Please give Anne my love and tell her she is centered in my prayers. I will move this out of respect to Crossing the Bridge-
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This is such sad and horrible news. RIP Snuggles, and my condolences to Ann on this terrible loss.
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I spent a whole day working up the courage to open this thread up.

I'm so sorry to hear that Snuggles lost her battle. Does Ann know of the Rainbow Bridge? Perhaps let her know about it. That may help some of the pain and grief.
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Oh no! I am so so so sorry! That is so sad!

Tell Anne I am so sorry and I am thinking of her at this difficult time. May Snuggles have a wonderful rest at the Rainbow Bridge and he is now smiling down on her.
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You guys are so kind. Ann doesn't know about this site or the rainbow bridge. I plan to show her the compassion you ALL delivered to her in her time of need. It is my hope that she will, eventually, become a member of this board. It's just a hard time for her right now.
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OMG! I just saw this latest update, and I'm so sorry about the loss of Snuggles.

Sending comforting vibes and prayers to Ann.
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To Snuggles: You are at last free from pain in the Rainbow Bridge!
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I'm not sure how I missed this thread, but I just noticed it.
After reading all the posts, I really got sad. It sounds like Snuggles was a survivor, but his time came.

Sending *feel better soon* vibes to Ann.
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OMG! That is horrible! I was really hoping and really thought the poor kitty was going to be ok. Atleast what happened was a warning to everyone of what can happen. I wish she'd been ok, but I'm sure she's happier now where she is. I hope the owner doesnt blame herself. I know I would. Tell her it's not her fault and that things happen for a reason. (((prayers and vibes for her!)))
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I just wanted everyone to know that I brought Ann over to my house to read this entire thread. She was touched by all of the support you all have given her since the very beginning of this tragedy. I know that reading your posts brought her some comfort today.

Another thing I wanted to clarify regarding Snuggle's death is that she died because of renal failure, it wasn't solely because of the damage to her esophogus.

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Kim that is pretty common for this type of trauma. The cat will shut down because of the stress involved and the amount of pain that the cat had to endure.

Again, I am sorry that Snuggles lost the battle. But at least the incredible pain has ended for her. Now it just begins for Anne.
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Give all my prayers and love to Ann.

I'm sincerely sorry that Snuggles passed away. May he be frolicking at the rainbow bridge.

(((hugs))) to Ann, her family and you Kim.
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This is just terrible. Please tell Ann my heart goes out to her. I know how horrible it is to lose someone so important.
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You guys are great. Thank you. I will pass your condolences on to Ann.
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Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing that story. I gasped when I found out that Snuggles was trapped under the door but am SO happy to hear that she was amazing is that? What a miracle and a half!
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I just read the update on Snuggles and it broke my heart. I am so sorry to hear that Snuggles passed away. At least she is no longer suffering though. It just reminds me of how many dangers there are outside for cats.
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That's one tough cat, we have the garage door opener that has the sensor on the botom so it stops if you go uder it. It's lucky it does to, or id be in it!
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OMG I just read the up date . I am so sorry about the sweet kitty passing away . Please give your friend a good and long ((((((HUG)))))) from me .

May Snuggles RIP
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