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Warning about garage doors

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Yesterday my neighbor, Ann called me on the phone screaming for help...I dropped everything and dashed over to see what in the world was going on. I was upset to find her cat, Snuggles, lying on the driveway not moving.

Here's what happened: After Ann pulled into her garage, she shut the automatic door from inside her car. Seconds after the door shut, Ann heard a loud pounding on her garage door. She was too afraid to get out of her car thinking someone was trying to break in or attack her—she was frozen in fear.

Unable to locate her cell phone to call for help, Ann stayed in the car for, at least, three minutes until the noise stopped. She finally worked up the nerve to run out of the garage using the exterior door. When she made it to the front of her garage door, she was stunned to find her cat Snuggle's neck was being held down by the garage door. The pounding Ann heard earlier was Snuggle's trying to free herself.

Ann quickly opened the garage door, called me and we rushed Snuggle's to the vet. The doctor x-rayed her neck, gave her a shot for pain and told us that Snuggles, believe it or not, was going to be ok. The doctor also said he was very surprised she didn't break her neck trying to escape, not to mention suffocate with the weight of the door pinning her down. This cat definitely used one of her nine lives!

This is the first time I have ever heard of an accident involving a cat and a garage door so, I thought it would be a good idea to share this incident with all of you. Ann's garage door was supposed to automatically "stop and open" when an object interferes with the door shutting—her's obviously did not. (I'm sure she will be having the garage door repairman over very soon)

What freaks me out is that I have crushed my garbage can with my garage door a time or two and I know the door is VERY heavy - how Snuggles survived is beyond me… a miracle!

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How scary and how fortunate that Snuggles is going to be okay!
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OMG! What a lucky little guy! Bless you for helping your neighbor! I wish there were more neighbors like you Kim...some people wouldn't have been so sweet.
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I heard a similar story but lets say it was a little different and the results were not so good.

I agree, PLEASE be careful with garage doors!

Give snuggles a snuggle and a kiss from me.
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I was afraid to read the whole story
Yay what a wonderful ending! Snuggles is OK!!!
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Gosh... I don't think I will ever shut my garage door from the inside of my car again! Geeze!
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I'm so happy to find out Snuggles survived and is ok, she's a very lucky cat!!!

Originally posted by kimward34
I was upset to find her cat, Snuggles, lying on the driveway not moving.
I was almost afraid to keep reading after that sentence.
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I almost did not read it afraid of what I would encounter.... glad everything's ok!
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OMG , I never herd of that . What a shock for Ann it must have bin and you o/c . I am so happy that the cat is ok and yes that cat has for sure used one of her 9 lives .
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Thank goodness Snuggles is okay! I, too, did not want to keep reading after you said she was lying down and not moving. Makes me glad my kitty stays in the house.
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Tonight Ann called me over to her house to help "pill" Snuggles. Unfortunately, Snuggles is suffering from trauma because of the garage door accident. She hasn't eaten anything since yesterday morning so the vet instructed us to feed her baby food with a syringe or she could go in renal failure. She's really not out of the woods yet... Hoping and praying for the best!

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Kim have your neighbor make up a mixture of pedialyte and chicken baby food. Have her nuke it in the microwave just seconds to wake up the flavor. When she syringe feeds, take the cat, and gently put the syringe in the mouth, gently squeeze the cheeks, shoot a tiny amount of liquid into the cat (not a lot or the cat can aspirate) withdraw the syringe and let the cat breathe and swallow. If the cat doesn't want to swallow, massage the throat, or gently blow on puff of air almost into the nostrils.

One of my cats Kahuna got trapped under a steel door when it fell over. Thankfully it was framed so the frame caught it before it squashed him, but he was hours under there until we found him. All the vet could find was a scrape on his paw, but 12 hours after he was liberated he went into shock and wouldn't eat either. He pulled out of it, but it was rough-

Good luck!
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Kim, when I read your post I got the impression that Snuggles was struggling very very violently for several minutes. I wonder if she could also have some soft tissue damage around her neck or throat??? I know that when I bruise myself it sometimes hurts more later than it does initially.

Sending positive vibes to Snuggles and Ann.
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Thank you Maryanne! I will pass this information on to Ann. Since she is relying on me to help her through this, I will make sure to follow your directions when I feed Snuggles tomorrow morning.

Hey Lori, the noise Ann heard outside her door was Snuggles thrashing about. I, too, was wondering how much trauma that must have caused to her neck, back or throat. Snuggle's is a fluffy Persian, so unless shaved, it's hard to see anything. I wonder if Ann should take her to another vet for a second opinion.....

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If her throat is swollen and it probably is bruised to say the least, she may not be able to swallow. I wonder if it would be prudent to leave this cat at the vet for a few days and let them monitor her?
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Snuggles is very lucky. Most people do not know that garage doors need regular checkups in order to work properly. I remember kids getting squashed by garage doors while I was growing up.
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What a sad story.. I hope Snuggles will be ok
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That's so scary. Glad I don't have auto garage doors!
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I will say a prayer for the poor baby
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OMG!!!, how awful, but i'm so pleased Snuggles is ok. What a terrifying experience your neighbour had!
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Snuggles must've had an angel watching over her, I hope her amazing luck continues and that she is on the mend soon.
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Poor ol' Snuggles. Hope she is better very soon
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that is so scary!!
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Oh wow...I'm so glad the kitty's ok! I wish you'd put that at the top of the post..I almost didnt read the rest. I'm glad I dont have garage doors. They are dangerous.
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Ack, I always do a check to make sure the cats are NO WHERE near the garage doors. I'm so sorry to hear that story about Snuggles, I'm so glad she survived and I hope she gets better soon! What a great neighbour you are kim!
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Oh that poor little cat! I hope she or he will be ok soon. Garage doors are scary things, when they don't work right. Follow hissy's advice it sounds pretty good, and hopeful. Once I had a cat who went into a car hood to get warm on the engine(someone elses car) and the owner of it came out and started it and took off! My poor baby fell out underneath, and was writhing on the road in pain, I was screaming and the guy saw and didn't even stop or say sorry. Fortunately, my kitty was ok, It too awhile though. He had a broken jaw, missing digits on his foot cuts and abrasions. So another warning, bang on the carhoods in the winter, when kittymews try to get warm there!
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Kim how is Snuggles doing?
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Originally posted by hissy
Kim how is Snuggles doing?
Well, the latest on Snuggles is that she ended up having to go back to the vet and will be there for a couple more days. Ann was having trouble syringe feeding her (she didn't feel comfortable doing it) and Snuggles was throwing the food up. She was also having trouble "pilling" her.

The vet shaved around Snuggle's neck and BOY WAS SHE BRUISED!!!!! Ann was shocked to see the real damage underneath all of that fur. The vet told her that her esophagus sustained more damage than he originally thought. Although he predicts that Snuggles will be ok, she has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

I'll keep everyone up to date on her progress

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That is just so sad.. poor little thing Her throat must hurt so much.. why she doesnt want to eat. ((((( hugs for Snuggles )))))
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poor thing .

I will continue to pray for healing
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