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White persians show preparation

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Could the breeders with white show persians tell me what shampoo, rinses and conditioners you find best for preparing your cats for show? I know the various products are not available all over the world, but would love to find out what successes you have had with products.
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You can look at this link, its pretty good, its from CFA's Persian Breed Council web site. There are many suggestions on there. I have a Himi who I can not get to drink out of a bottle so she uses the bowls and gets yellow, every week I give her a bath to prevent bad stains, I use Clarol Shimmer Lights, its a very deep purple and it works really well. Just don't leave it in too long, it will turn the cat a purple-y color, a friend used it while bathing her Bi-color and the cats belly stained, thankfully the judges didn't notice!

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Thanks for the reply! Yes, I have seen the article and agree that it is very good. To date, I have shown whites succesfully and have managed to keep them clean purely by diligently preventing stains with daily pampering. Oh yes, I also have the problem of the wet ruff and am looking into getting someone to make me a stand for a bottle to try out. I have not seen them here at all.

I am using Bio-Groom shampoo and conditioner now, simply because I can get it here. I wondered if it was worth looking into something else that anyone feels is a "must-have" to brighten up a white coat. I am not really worried about stain removal as I feel prevention is better than cure and am reluctant to try "harsh" treatments. I am not asking for trade secrets here! Merely wondering if I should persue efforts to import products (brightening shampoos) not presently available here.
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Hi Krissi, I have a one year old OEW persian who I show, and I wash her eyes with warm water daily and weekly I use a product called(hang on lemme just go find it...) #1 All systems Super whitening gel, it's the best product I've ever used for whites, it can be found at www.1allsystems.com it's made in the USA. For bathing we just use the same shampoos as we do for our colored cats. Good luck.
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Here's a direct link, http://www.1allsystems.com/doc_eng/fsindex_e.html

Seriousely it's sooooo good!
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The whitening gel is AMAZING!!!!!! You can use it for most light colored cats...I havent had any problems with it staining my himmi's.

I had a cew which I had shown. I have BOXES full of products that I used for him...

As for shampoo's I used Ivory, #1 All Systems and EZ Groom. I dont remember the exact names for the shampoo's but its their whitening formula.

Peroxide work great to get out stains on their feet or anywhere else they may have them. I use it before a bath and not near the eyes, mouth, privates.

Also, calcium carbonate powder mixed with peroxide made into a paste. You leave this on stains (ANYWHERE on the body) until it is dried and than comb it out. I usually follow with a bath. Just becareful b/c it can dry out the hair.

If you belong to pandecats.com they have a bunch of great articles about show grooming, and one about products to use just for whites. Also, yahoo groups have groups just for white exhibitors. Trust me...showing a white you need all the moral support you can get!!!

Good luck...hope you do better than I did...once mine matured and started spraying I gave up...
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Hurrah! Glad to see I'm not the only one who uses it, Thank goodness for the internet , the gel is basically un heard of over here on the show scene, one of my little secrets.
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Thanks for the advice. I will definitely check to see if we have any distributors here for the gel. I have not heard of it here and hope that overseas distributors will consider shipping it out here. So far, I have been okay with the show grooming of my white boy and have had lots of compliments. But then, he has the most magnificent coat. I always love to find out more to keep my precious angels looking 100% superb!
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Good news - I will be getting a few of the All Systems products from the USA by airmail and will try them out before our show season starting mid-March.

Thank you for your help!
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Oh Chrissi, that's great. I hope they work well for you. Glad we could be of some assistance. Good luck!
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